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4 Podcasts Every Doctor Should Listen to in 2018

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 10, 2018 5:22:36 PM / by Friends of CaregiverAsia

This article is written by April Han. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. With a formal education in Business Administration and years of working with healthcare startups under her belt, she is able to provide valuable advice to aspiring locums in terms of creativity, innovation, and discovery of solutions to the challenges amid our society’s growing demand for health services. A life-long learner with a growth mindset, she is currently expanding her knowledge of the healthcare marketplace through online courses and hands-on training from world-class mentors.

The word “podcast” was coined in 2004. It is a portmanteau of the two words “iPod” and “broadcast.” A podcast is an audio show that is usually made up of a series of episodes. They can be downloaded from the Internet to your computer or mobile device so you can listen to it whenever and wherever you go.

Podcasts for doctors

You can access podcasts, usually for free, from popular platforms such as Google Play, Stitcher, and iTunes. Topics vary from news, business, education, technology, politics, and health among others. For locum doctors, listening to podcasts offer a lot of benefits such as:

  • Getting you inspired. A well-rounded individual is passionate about things outside of their field. A doctor like you, for example, may be interested in the meaning of life, sustainable living practices or what genuine happiness means. As mentioned earlier, podcasts come in various themes and subjects that you will surely find one that will inspire you.
  • Keeping you well-informed. The landscape of medicine is ever-changing. Medical technology keeps on advancing and patient-focused care is more important than ever. As a doctor, your responsibility is to make sure that you are ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow by keeping yourself educated and well-informed. Sadly, your work takes up a lot of your time and reading a book is often not an option. A podcast can help you stay updated on the current trends and developments in the medical world.

Here's how locum doctors can improve their skills in their free time

These are the two most important benefits you can get from listening to a podcast. There are a whole lot more, but those two should be enough to get you to pick up your devices and start downloading these five podcasts every doctor should listen to:

  1. Medtech Talk

This podcast is a weekly installment of gripping conversations with the influencers in the healthcare industry. If you want to stay updated on who the current movers and shakers are in healthcare and what new methods and products are about to change the way healthcare is delivered to the community, this is the podcast that should be on your top download list.

  1. TedTalks Health

TED is the acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design. The organization produces and distributes talks online that you can listen to for free. They operate under the slogan “Ideas worth spreading.” 

The TedTalks Health podcast is especially dedicated to sharing interesting insights from medical professionals. Although the talk is presented in front of a live audience, they are also recorded so that the public can listen to it wherever they are in the world. If you want to know about the latest medical breakthroughs straight from the experts, you have to listen to this podcast.

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  1. The 10-Minute Healthcare Marketing Podcast

If you are a locum doctor who already knows that personal branding is an important part of your success, you are probably looking for ways to improve the way you market your brand. This is exactly the podcast that you should download right away. What makes this even more perfect for a busy doctor like you is that each episode only lasts for about 10 minutes. 

If your online presence and offline marketing efforts haven’t been bringing new contracts lately, this podcast will help you remedy that, one 10-minute episode at a time.

  1. The Freelance Podcast

Whether you are a full-time locum or you have a steady job and planning to transition to freelancing, this is a great podcast to listen to. As their website says, it is a podcast where you can learn from those who have “been there, done that.” These are the professionals that can give you advice based on real-life experience, not merely from a book they’ve read. Not only will you find inspirational pieces here, but also practical information about setting your rates and dealing with clients.

Do you want to improve your career or profession and your personal life at the same time? Listen to these podcasts while you’re commuting to or from work, exercising or relaxing. They will help you make the most out of the very limited time you have left after taking care of your work responsibilities. Let them inspire you and keep you updated on top healthcare issues.

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