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5 Advantages of Home Nursing For Busy Families | CaregiverAsia

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 30, 2017 6:06:25 PM / by Teo Youliang Hakim

The advantages of home nursing is something that many adults can relate to. There’ll be a point in our lives where we’ll find ourselves caring for a sick or elderly relative. As much as we’d like to be by their side at all times, the long hours at work combined with the stresses of caregiving can take a heavy toll on a person. Also, one definitely will not have enough days of leave to take care of their loved one.

There are many advantages of home nursing that many families are unfamiliar with.

In fact, there have been stories surfacing of elderly parents being left behind at nursing homes by their families due to social and financial circumstances. For busy families, a home nurse service can chase away the possibility of ending up in such a unwanted scenario due to the following benefits that they offer.

1. A Peace of Mind

While leaving your elderly relative at home might seem to be the safest option when you’re headed outside, do you know that it’s just as dangerous as any other place? According to this news article, most accidents actually occur at home, with seemingly innocent household appliances turning deadly if precautions are not taken.

Hence, wouldn’t it be better if you had at least someone watching over your elderly relative while you’re away from home? With a home nurse, you’ll be able to take your mind off the constant worrying of your relative’s safety and divert your full attention to your other priorities.

2. Experienced Professionals

Sometimes you might shun external help in fear that they’ll bring more harm than good for your sick or elderly relative. In fact, this article highlights on how many domestic helpers are often mistaken as medical professionals by many families, resulting in terrible consequences.

If you’re worried on such a scenario happening with home nurses, rest assured that they’ll need to have a decent amount of experience as a registered nurse as well as the necessary qualifications before they can pick up any home cases. This would mean that not only will they be familiar with common medical procedures, they’ll also be able to draw upon knowledge that only comes through experience to solve certain tricky situations.

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3. One-On-One Care

For a hospital or a nursing home, admitting a sick or elderly relative would usually see them in a public ward with other patients. For the nurses in charge, they’ll need to split their attention equally amongst each bed to ensure that everyone gets the right amount of supervision and care.

However, a recent study has shown that the lesser beds present in a ward, the faster patients can recover from their medical conditions, since they’ll be subject to further privacy as well as more quality time with the nurses. Hence, wouldn’t it be great if you could hire your very own home nurse that can provide a specialized individual care towards your relative at home?

4. In The Comforts of Home

Many people wouldn’t be keen on the idea of staying in the hospital or a nursing home for extended periods. Staying in an unfamiliar environment may eventually lead patients into depression and compromise their recovery time. Furthermore, according to a research study, patients suffering from depression are less likely to keep to their medical appointments and prescriptions after hospitalization, increasing their chance of relapsing.

If you’re not keen on getting your relatives admitted to the hospital, home nursing is a great alternative which can allow your sick or elderly relative to rest and recuperate in a more familiar setting.

There have been stories surfacing of elderly parents being left behind at nursing homes by their families due to social and financial circumstances. For busy families, a home nurse service can chase away the possibility of ending up in such a unwanted scenario due to the following benefits that they offer.

5. Freedom of Choice

For patients in a hospital or a nursing home, their family and friends will be subjected to visiting hours should they decide to drop by for a chat. This may prove troublesome for busy families, as they’ll be juggling through their availability timings to find time for their elderly or sick relative. Home nursing removes that problem completely.

Should you also find yourself concerned about the type of caregiver that will show up, it’s probably best to consider the alternative as well. By choosing a home nursing service instead, you’ll have the power to customize and choose on which home care nurse, based on their experience, you’d like to provide the service for your elderly relative.

Does a home nursing service sound like exactly what you need for your family’s troubles? Don’t be intimidated by the idea of your loved ones being under the care of an unfamiliar individual. These home nurses are experienced and are dedicated in watching over your sick or elderly relative on the road to recovery.

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Teo Youliang Hakim

Written by Teo Youliang Hakim

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