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5 Conveniences Of Being A Freelance Nurse With CaregiverAsia

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 20, 2018 11:51:40 AM / by Friends of CaregiverAsia

Hi everyone, my name’s Fadhilah. I’ve been working as a nurse for about four years, I’ve worked in hospitals as an emergency room nurse for about a year, and eventually moving on to being a renal nurse for another one and a half years. I’ve also looked after newborn babies, post-natal mothers and paediatric patients.

Fadhilah shares with us the conveniences of being a freelance nurse with CaregiverAsia. 

It’s been less than a month since I’ve made the jump to freelance nursing with CaregiverAsia. While everything is still relatively new to me, I must say that it’s been going great and I’ve been really enjoying my experience with the different cases that I’ve been assigned to. Here are five reasons why I think freelance nursing is a convenience for people who are considering freelancing like me.

1. Lesser Demands

Compared to the demands of full-time nursing, freelancing with CaregiverAsia can be a relaxing change for many nurses who are burnt out and are looking for alternatives. You won’t have to come back on your off days as it’s ultimately you who decides when you’re planning to work and when it’s time to take a break. But of course, you’re still required to report on time when you’ve accepted a case!

2. More Hands-On Experience

Freelance nursing often means that you’re the only nurse that’s looking after the patient at home, compared to the constant support of your fellow colleagues in a ward situation. While it may be intimidating at first, you’ll slowly start to realize that you’ll be gaining more worthwhile experience and confidence in handling these cases on your own. Once you’ve overcome those obstacles of working alone, over time you’ll slowly become a much better nurse.

Come freelance with us!

3. Time To Pursue Your Studies

Personally, I’ll be starting my full-time diploma in April, and I won’t be able to commit to being a full-time nurse. Hence, instead of letting my nursing knowledge and skills that I’ve painstakingly gained over the years go to waste, freelancing with CaregiverAsia allows me to continue my passion while still pursuing my studies. I’ll be able to offer my nursing services on semester breaks, and it won’t affect my education at all.

4. Assistance In Sourcing Jobs

While I’m freelancing with CaregiverAsia, I usually get my nursing cases from my agent Stephanie, who has shown a great deal of understanding and patience towards my current situation. She won’t pressure or push if I’m unable to take a case, and she’ll go the extra mile in letting me know on available cases that are best suited for me. On top of that, she’s super friendly and easy to get along with.

5. Work-Life Balance

Personally, freelance nursing can be a great way for someone to achieve that much needed work-life balance. If you’re sick of working overtime and want to spend more time with your family, or if you’d just like to take a short break and figure out what you’re planning to do next, you should definitely consider trying freelance and see the benefits for yourself.

Throughout my career as a freelance nurse, I’ve yet to hear a single negative remark about freelancing. Thus, if you’re still on the fence to try out freelancing, I’d suggest not to hesitate. Start your journey on the right foot with CaregiverAsia today and I can assure you that there’ll be no regrets! (:

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