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5 Ways to Let Exercise Empower Your Work Life

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 30, 2017 3:32:03 PM / by Geng Ning

To all the busy executives out there, exercise may seem like another challenge on your list. In fact, it’s nothing like that at all and will instead prove to be your friend, through rain or shine. You're wondering how you can fit exercising in your schedule and reap the rewards? Here are five good exercises for busy executives to empower your work life.

To busy to exercise? Here are a five good exercises for busy executives!

1. Exercise is as Easy as ABC

Enough of hearing about that mandatory 30 minutes of daily exercise. No one has time for that. Ever heard of the 7-minutes workout that’s scientifically proven to work the muscles of your entire body?

Or you could also integrate exercise into your daily routines. Through your commute, why not begin by walking up the escalator, then switching to the stairs and finally skipping the public transport and walking back home – if you’re not too far? In no time, your very own legs will bring you back to your comfort nest faster than you can imagine.

If you run out of breath after reaching home, it’s time to rejoice! That’s a good sign that you’re already engaging in moderate-intensity activity, where your heart rate is 50-60% above usual. So when you’re exercising, simply follow your heart for the best pace.

2. An Excuse to Enjoy life

Ever indulged in “guilty-pleasures” of binge watching television shows, then lamenting on the wasted time? If so, you should consider multitasking during your workout routine, such as connecting with your latest episodes while building your muscles, or listening to your favourite tracks during a leisurely jog.

In fact, listening to music that imitates your heartbeat while exercising improves your physical performance. For instance, upbeat songs from 120-140bpm are perfect for a run. So if you need an additional push, go ahead and create a workout playlist.

With this certain “responsibility” of exercise, reap the benefits of life in one go as you keep fit while enjoying yourself.

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Get back in shape today!

3. Exercise Ups Your Game

In this rat race where everyone strives to be the best, how can you set yourself apart from the rest? One way in doing so is through exercise.

Perhaps it’s been pushed to the back of your mind when there are more pressing things to deal with, such as meeting deadlines. However, inadequate physical activity is an increasing issue, indicated by how 23% of working adults were found to lack sufficient exercise in 2010.

Where most fall under the pretext of lack of time, show them that you can have it all! It is not mere coincidence that the most successful people, like Warren Buffet, have embedded exercise routines in their daily routines.

One benefit of exercise includes increasing work productivity up to 4 hours a day, so it’s time to join their ranks. When one exercises, it enhances blood circulation to the brain, resulting in a more clear-headed, alert and efficient worker. Imagine how that could be you.

4. The Perfect Break from Work

Staring at a screen from dawn to dusk, typing away vigorously and forced into an uncomfortable sitting position where breathing is the only thing that differentiates you from a rock – that’s how work is undoubtedly taxing on your body.

Between back pains and shoulder-aches, your body is crying for help. Do you feel that tingling pain in the wrist? Typing all day can seriously strain the median nerve that controls the movement in your hand, leading to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Not to mention that long hours of sitting can increase risks of chronic illnesses like heart disease.

Therefore, it’s vital to take action now, before the onset of more serious issues. With the most discreet ways to exercise in the workplace, like office yoga, engage in workouts so simple that you won’t even break a sweat.

Exercises for executives to empower their work life

5. Exercise is the Key to a Hectic Lifestyle

After crashing into the bed at the end of the long work week, ever woke up with the realisation that you haven’t planned a family outing for the weekend, or thought of the perfect date for your loved-ones?

No stress, for exercise is the key! Save the hassle of picking an outfit or the heartache of emptying your pockets. Just put on some sweats, and set off with your companions on a hike or a bicycle ride through town.

Exercise releases endorphins, a body chemical which lifts your spirits.  By transmitting signals within the brain, these neurotransmitters reduce negative feelings like stress, which means that exercise could even boost you through another work week. Meanwhile, let others motivate you and make the quest to fitness a walk in the park.

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