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Great Tips To Stay Involved In Pregnancy

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 16, 2017 1:35:01 PM / by Teo Youliang Hakim

For a dad-to-be, you’re probably aware that the spotlight usually shines over your pregnant wife and your unborn child – all the time. Whether it’s because you’re envious of all the attention, or genuinely wanting to be a better father, you might be wondering on how to get yourself more involved in pregnancy.

As a busy dad-to-be, it might be a little confusing in getting yourself involved in pregnancy.

But as a budding dad-to-be, what exactly can you do to participate in the experience? There has to be more than just being the breadwinner. How do you fully immerse yourself in the journey of childbirth and not end up as an idle spectator instead? Here are five ways on how a dad-to-be can further involve himself in pregnancy.

1. Birthing Lessons

Birthing and pregnancy lessons can be useful for parents looking to prepare themselves for childbirth, especially those expecting their first child. Although it’s not mandatory for couples to sign up for one, it’s still a great way for a dad-to-be to get himself involved by learning on what he can do during the delivery process.

Proper nutrition, pain management and breathing techniques are just some helpful things that you, as a dad-to-be, can pick up during these birthing lessons. Now your wife won’t be tempted to strangle you for your ignorance during labor.

2. Join Appointments

Don’t let your wife attend her antenatal appointments on her own. Imagine yourself in her shoes, making the painstaking journey from your house to the clinic while carrying a growing baby in your belly. Be the responsible dad-to-be and mark the appointments on your calendar, where you can accompany her and bring a little comfort in her less-than-thrilling visits.

Take this opportunity to also update yourself on your baby’s progress and even get an early glimpse of him or her through ultrasound scans. If you’re worried that you’ll be bored out of your skull while in the waiting room, then treat it as a perfect way to catch up with your spouse with some small talk.

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3. Go Shopping

A helpful way for dads-to-be to cheer up their pregnant wives is through a good shopping spree. Better yet, it’ll be a much more exciting trip for the both of you when you’re buying for the upcoming baby. From fierce debates over frilly infant clothing, to picking the right shade of color for the crib, you’ll be spending great quality time with your family at the end of the day.

The shopping doesn’t have to be limited to the supermarket, however. You can even choose to go one step further and start picking the decorations of your baby’s room. In fact, according to this article by the Daily Mail, you’re encouraged to use a variety of colours to decorate the nursery at different age stages that’s proven to simulate behavioral growth and development.

4. Yoga Classes

Some dads-to-be may be skeptical on letting their pregnant spouses take part in yoga lessons. After all, vigorous stretching and bending doesn’t exactly sound like the safest hobby for someone carrying an infant inside her.

But before you lock up your gym mats to a dark corner of your closet, there have been studies that have shown that pregnant women who take part in prenatal yoga sessions have enjoyed a variety of health benefits. In fact, this article from the Huffington Post highlights on how prenatal yoga classes have been shown to reduce stress levels, keep women fit and better prepare them for labor.

Yoga classes can be a great way to get involved in pregnancy as a dad-to-be.

So if you’re looking for something to burn calories, get some pressure off and still enjoy a happy pregnancy, consider signing up for a yoga class. Here’s one that the both of you can sign up for!

5. Make Decisions

Sometimes, getting involved with your wife’s pregnancy doesn’t mean that you’ll have to go out of your way to make something special. The decisions that you make as a couple, whether it’s simply deciding on how to announce it to your relatives, or something significant such as deciding on the perfect name for your baby, all adds up to your role as a dad-to-be.

Set aside a day during the weekend and just simply discuss on plans that you and your wife have in store. Create a list of issues that you want to clarify and tackle topics that you and your wife have doubts on. It doesn’t even have to revolve around the prenatal stage, go ahead and prepare yourselves on what comes after for the family once your baby arrives.

Has this list given you an idea on getting started as a great dad-to-be? It doesn’t matter if you’ve decided on a jam-packed schedule of extra parenting activities throughout the trimester, or simply settling for weekly classes to fit your busy schedule. Just remember that as long as you’re present when your child is born to the world, you’ll be sure to make a wonderful father!

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