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5 Healthy Lifestyle Changes To Get Yourself Pregnant

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 1, 2018 10:58:49 AM / by Teo Youliang Hakim

There’s nothing more frustrating for parents want-to-be than being unsuccessful in having a child. While your mother-in-law might fault you for your bad genes, take heart that the problem could be simply reversed by adopting a few healthy changes to get pregnant.

Many women often find success when they adopt healthy changes to get pregnant.

Perhaps it’s the stressful expectations of trying for a baby that’s ironically preventing you from having a baby? Or it could probably be the junk food that you’ve been eating for the past few months. Whatever the reason may be, here are a few tips that you can easily pick up if you’re looking to try out the healthy route to get pregnant!

1. Lose (Or Gain) A Few Pounds

Other than a unsightly waist, spoiling yourself with all those late night suppers can actually affect your chances of having a baby. A research has shown that with every pound that you add, it increases the production of estrogen in your body beyond the appropriate amount. This excess estrogen will throw your hormone levels off-balance, affecting and hindering your ovulation development.

For the skinny ones breathing a sigh of relief, there’s still more bad news. The same research has also shown that those who are underweight will have the opposite effect of not having enough estrogen being produced in the body. This lack of estrogen can also inhibit your ovulation development and even stop your menstruation cycle.

2. Hang Up Any Unhealthy Vices

If you’re a big fan of a few vices, it might be time to quit at the thought of conception. Research has shown that by stubbing out the cigarette stick for good, you’ll prevent harmful chemicals from entering your body and significantly increase your chances of having a baby. Illegal drugs users may wish to reconsider their habit as it’s been proven that these substances wreck complete havoc on your reproductive system.

If anything, think of it as being a good example as an early mother. If you don’t want your baby (who happens to be sharing the same body as you) to be doing these unhealthy vices themselves, it’s time to hang up the habit.

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3. Clean Up Your (Diet) Act

As they say, you (or your baby in this case), are what you eat. Hence, consuming lots of unhealthy food can affect or even hinder your baby’s development in the womb. According to this study, women who consume food with refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, rice and sweets, put themselves in risk for ovulation infertility.

Giving up smoking and reducing junk food are great healthy changes in getting pregnant.

Need a quick tip? Increase your vegetable intake, as it’s a rich source of fiber and phytochemicals. This not only helps to manage your weight and increase your chances of fertility, but the excess fiber can actually help combat the chance of contracting gestational diabetes during the pregnancy period itself.

4. Make Your Gyne Your Best Friend

Due to contrary belief, gynaecologists don’t only cater to women with babies already in their belly. They can also help out patients who are looking, or facing troubles in having a baby. In fact, gynes are perfect for those looking to have some semblance of control over their would-be pregnancy.

From STI (sexually transmitted infections) screenings, to discussions over chronic health conditions such as asthma and diabetes, visiting your gyne before the pregnancy stage can give you a better picture of your overall health and help you increase your fertility rates. In fact, many gynaecologists themselves would recommend at least a health check up to ensure that there are no underlying conditions that would affect the pregnancy term.

5. Take Your Mind Off The “Labor”

Too much pressure at work? That might actually be the reason why you’re having trouble under the sheets lately. The most probable culprit is cortisol, a hormone that the body begins producing when it faces stress. Studies have shown that an abundance of cortisol can disrupt your reproduction cycle and inhibit the ovulation process.

Your work might not even be the reason, as it could actually stem from you worrying about not being able to reproduce. Many women have reported being emotionally stressed when they’re unable to have a baby and feeling second-class to their peers. Don’t be so hard on yourself, take some time to unwind and remember that there are other women worse off who have found success.

Has this article given you some ideas on how you can improve your chances in having a child of your own? It may take some time to see results, with the way our bodies work and patiently waiting for the right moment in the reproduction cycle, but rest assured that it’ll be all worth it once you finally see that faint line on the pregnancy kit.

And should you ever find the burdens of childbearing to be too much to handle, we have counsellors and therapists right here at CaregiverAsia who can help you get back right on your feet!

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Teo Youliang Hakim

Written by Teo Youliang Hakim

A CaregiverAsia writer, Hakim loves nothing better than to spruce up informative content for the readers, especially if it helps to make the world a better place. Other than that, he also enjoys the occasional chocolate chip cookie or catching reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S on the telly!