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5 Popular Myths of Nursing Homes

[fa icon="calendar"] May 31, 2019 3:12:03 PM / by Teo Youliang Hakim

Many of us often feel guilty at the thought of leaving our loved ones in a nursing home. To some, it may come across as being unfilial in their responsibilities as children, whereas others might be afraid of putting their elderly parents in supposedly horrid living conditions or in the hands of terrible staff members.

There are many myths of nursing homes that are often based on fear and bad experiences.

It’s no surprise that we tend to think negatively of nursing homes, with plenty of recent horror stories and incidents putting them under the scrutiny of both the media and society. However, we shouldn’t be too quick to judge these places for the acts of some bad apples. Hence, here are some popular myths of nursing homes that we hope to clarify for our readers who may be considering one!

1. Myth 1: Nursing homes are just like hospitals.

Nursing homes are similar in terms of hospitals, where they offer various medical, rehabilitation and nursing services that are on par with professional standards. As their facilities are usually equipped for long-term and elderly care, most senior residents will be well looked after during their stay.

However, most nursing homes set themselves apart from hospitals by creating a more friendly and homely environment for their senior residents. These homes encourage healthy social interactions amongst residents and get them to participate in activities as well, which helps to stimulate their overall physical and mental well-being.

2. Myth 2: Once I enter a nursing home, I’ll never go home.

Many elderly folks fear they’ll spend the remainder of their lives in the nursing home. Fuelled by horror stories of residents being completely neglected by their loved ones, they would be very averse to the thought of never seeing their real home ever again.

Due to contrary belief, however, a nursing home is not the last residence for senior residents. In fact, a significant amount of senior residents are only admitted for a short-term basis, to help them recover from illnesses or injuries and eventually get them back to independent living. Long-term residents are also regularly encouraged for home visits, should their health permits.

3. Myth 3: Nursing home residents don’t have freedom of choice.

Strict curriculums and inflexible schedules are what some elderly people fear the most if they move to a nursing home. As they have been independent most of their lives, it would be hard for these senior residents to have that stripped away from them and to conform to instructions given by the nursing home staff.

On the contrary, however, most nursing homes do allow their senior residents to make their own decisions. The quality of care that these homes provide to their elderly clients are highly customizable, with care plans being regularly discussed and set in place after discussions with the resident themselves, their loved ones and medical professionals.

4. Myth 4: Loneliness is a big issue for nursing home residents.

Guaranteed loneliness is one of the biggest myths of nursing homes.

Many to-be nursing home residents fear of being alone, being separated from their families and placed in unfamiliar environments. They worry that they won’t be accustomed to the nature of the homes, or not be able to get along with their fellow residents. The thought of not having their family and friends close by is another reason why elderly people shun nursing homes too.

The fact that this myth is so popular, almost every nursing home has something in place to combat this issue. From common areas such as living rooms or shared dining halls to frequent social activities with the staff, these homes will ensure that their residents are constantly engaged. Also, family and friends of residents are always welcome to drop by to say hello anytime.

5. Myth 5: Putting someone in a nursing home can be costly.

Many families of elderly people often have the perception that nursing homes can be an expensive alternative in terms of caregiving. With the accumulated price on provided lodging, three meals a day and the expenses of the caregiving staff, the idea of leaving their loved ones there for even a short-term stay can give most family caregivers a second thought on the option.

With cost being a huge factor for some families, nursing homes have different tiers of accommodation to cater for each income group and make it as affordable as possible. Depending on the length of stay, level of care, or the facilities required, the highly customizable options will give greater financial flexibility to assist families in making their decision.

Has this article clarified the bad image that nursing homes have gotten over the years? Every nursing home has to abide by regulations that are set by the authorities, and they are also subjected to routine inspections at times where any misconduct will be swiftly dealt with. However, it doesn’t hurt to do a little research on the home that you’re intending to put your loved ones as a little precaution!

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Teo Youliang Hakim

Written by Teo Youliang Hakim

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