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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Child Everyday

[fa icon="calendar"] May 20, 2020 11:58:16 AM / by Eblity

As parents, it is essential to interact daily with your child. Aside from helping to build the relationship with your child, it also provides you with insights into the child’s feelings and any struggles the child might be dealing with. In a way, this provides the child with some sort of reassurance and that you will be there in times of trouble.

It is important to keep things simple, avoid forcing the child, ask the right questions, pay full attention when the child is talking and maintain constant eye contact. Instead of asking basic questions such as “how was your day”, you may consider the following 5 interesting questions.

What was the toughest thing you had to do today?

This enables to child to open up and share his/her struggles and most importantly the child knows he/she can depend on their parents for a solution. By having this communication with the child, you help to boost the child’s confidence and eliminate chances of going through stress or depression.

Can you show me something you learned (or did) today?

This is possibly one of the many common questions parents should ask their children. Asking the child what he/she learned today provides you with insights on the child’s progress in school and be on top of the child’s academic performance.

Ask the child what he has learned today to understand his academic performance.

What was your least favorite part of the day?

This is an excellent way to allow your child to reflect on what happened. This enables the child to share things that are upsetting them such as struggles with school work, fear towards a particular teacher, inability to complete homework on time or even possible social issues faced in school. By allowing the child to share, you as parents, would be able to listen and at the same time provide some advice. In this way, the child will feel less stressed and instead feel motivated.

What do you feel grateful for today?

By asking a child what he/she feels grateful for today, this promotes optimism and enables the child to develop a more positive outlook. The child would be able to pause for a moment and reflect what he/she has in life right now instead of always asking for more.

Who did you play with today?

Friends play a big part in a child’s life and development. As parents, it is essential to know who your child connects with. You may also encourage your child to invite his/her friend(s) over to get to know the friend(s) a little better. By allowing the child to do this, you will be able to remember their friend’s name in order to be able to keep up with all the stories the child has to share.

By showing you take a genuine interest in your child’s life, you would improve the bond with your child. If you have not taken this approach, you may start asking your child the above questions and observe how your child responds.

Express genuine interest in your child to improve your relationship with her.

Every child is special and talented. The same goes for children with special needs. With proper intervention and support, they can integrate well into society. To help them receive the required support in the long run, CaregiverAsia has launched the Extraordinary Care Program that ensures continued long-term therapy for children with integrated therapy service providers and medical escorting service with a trained caregiver, in the unfortunate event that their parents or guardians are no longer able to care for them. Do you know of a friend caring for a special needs child? Find out more about the Extraordinary Care Program below to understand how it can benefit them!

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The article is written by Eblity, a collaborative platform that focuses on the education of children with special needs and slow learners. Visit www.eblity.com to find out more about the academic programs they offer.

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Written by Eblity

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