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5 Reasons to Hire A Confinement Nanny For Baby’s First Month

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 27, 2017 5:16:58 PM / by Teo Youliang Hakim

The postnatal period is a special time for many parents, especially for new mothers who are experiencing it for the first time. To some, managing your newborn needs – on top of your everyday tasks and other current health complications – can be quite exhausting without the helping hand of a confinement nanny.

If you're looking to hire a confinement nanny, here’s a list of important things for mothers to take note during the postnatal period before deciding on finding a nanny in Singapore

Many parents with newborns are finding confinement nannies in Singapore to help them with their postnatal care.

1. Infant Care

Many mothers would definitely put their newborn’s welfare as top priority, and with good reason as well. At this stage of their life, your baby will require special care as they are vulnerable to a number of diseases - such as jaundice or influenza. Not only that, there are also necessary caregiving procedures that mothers should learn about, such as burping, feeding or bathing the baby.

A confinement nanny can easily show you the ropes in maintaining the well-being of your newborn. Drawing from their wealth of experience, they’ll be more than prepared in ensuring that you’re fully ready in taking care of your infant’s needs.

2. Health and Wellness

For many women, the postnatal period is often accompanied by many physical developments in their bodies. These rapid changes can often increase the risk of psychological troubles among pregnant ladies, based on a study conducted by the KKH’s Department of Psychological Medicine in 2016. The most common condition would be postnatal depression, which puts affected mothers in an endless state of worrying and being anxious about their newborn’s welfare.

These postnatal conditions can usually be attributed to the stress of bringing up a child alone at home, as the NUH’s Women’s Emotional Health Service have found out. Hiring a confinement nanny could easily bring back the much-needed companionship and emotional support that relatives and neighbors once provided to newborn mothers in village communities.

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3. Breastfeeding

Many would think that breastfeeding comes naturally to every mother, but that’s not true. From a TODAY article published in 2016, there are women who face challenges in producing enough milk for their newborn babies. Consultants from National University Hospital (NUH) Women’s Centre often trace these problems back to various postnatal complications - such as inverted nipples or blockage of the milk duct - and previous breast trauma or surgery, which can adversely affect breast milk supply.

For mothers with newborns looking for professional assistance in breastfeeding, a confinement nanny can assist by providing useful lactation tips from her past experiences and get your baby to latch on easily. A nanny will also be able to provide much needed counselling and support for women who are exclusively discouraged to breastfeed due to existing medical conditions, such as mothers who are HIV-positive or undergoing chemotherapy.

4. Nutrition

Maintaining a proper healthy diet is crucial for new mothers during the first month of the baby’s arrival. The food that you consume will not only speed up your recovery period, but it will also benefit your newborn by improving the quality of breast milk that you produce as well. Thus, it’s important to stick a strict regimen of the right dishes to ensure that you’re getting the best for both you and your baby.

Recipes that a confinement nanny usually whip up are both tasty and rich in nutrients. These dishes usually revolve around freshwater fishes, which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids to ward off postnatal depression. Eggs, tofu and brussel sprouts are similarly preferred by nannies as they are rich in iron, a nutrient that keeps your energy at optimum levels, as well as promoting your baby’s brain development.

(If you’re interested in trying out a variety of confinement recipes for yourselves, then take a look at our Caregiver Confidentials video here!)

Nutritious dishes are one of the many reasons why many parents with newborns are finding confinement nannies in Singapore.

5. Household Chores

Cleaning and organizing your house can be a tiring task, but it can be much more daunting when you’re still recovering from the effects of childbirth. Even with the assistance of your partner, the task of managing a newborn - coupled with your household chores and real life obligations - can be overwhelming for both you and your husband during the first month after birth.

Should you find yourself in need of a pair of extra helping hands, consider hiring a confinement nanny to help you in clearing your everyday errands and letting you spend more time on resting and interacting with your baby. Not only are the nannies more than capable in cleaning, managing and watching over the household while you rest, their wealth of past experiences will ensure that you’ll enjoy a comfortable postnatal experience.

With these pointers at hand, you’ll be more prepared on deciding whether a confinement nanny would be a great help for your newborn’s first month. If you’re interested in finding out more about these specific caregivers, hop on over to our services page to find the right nanny for you and your family!

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