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5 Reasons Why Men Do Not Go For Regular Medical Check Ups

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 27, 2017 3:45:38 PM / by Darren Tan

In a medical study conducted by everydayhealth.com, a Cleveland clinic surveyed more than 500 men from ages 18 all the way to 70 and out of five, two of them do not go for regular medical check ups and only 40% of men only go to the doctor for their medical check ups if they think it's a serious medical condition.

Medical checkups are important for your health

On the other hand, women visit their doctors for medical check ups more frequently according to a study by theconversation.com. In this medical study conducted in Australia, women visited a General Practitioner on an average of nearly seven times a year whereas men did so a little under five times. In both studies, it showed that men on an average go to the doctor less than their female counterparts. Wondering the reasons why men do not go for regular medical check ups? Let us shed some light here!

1. Nothing Is Wrong

The most common reason for not going to see a doctor is that they feel fine and don't see a need to. Sadly some serious diseases do not show any symptoms. High blood pressure has no visible symptoms, but it can lead to very serious conditions such as hypertension, heart attacks, and even a stroke. Other diseases include diabetes, lung cancer, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and more. Early detection can save lives.This is a pretty common mindset. You feel like something is wrong, but you can't put your finger on it. You don't feel well, but you pass it off as the flu. You don't want to seem paranoid. You think that you will feel better soon until it is too late.

2. I Am Strong Enough to Fight It

Masculinity is one of the main reason why men don't go for Medical checkups

Some men think that they are weak if they have to see a doctor and they choose to heal on their own. This is a very dangerous mindset. Doing this not only causes the person to ignore obvious signs of bad health but also to delay treatment until it is too late. A masculinity mindset is an issue.

3. I Can Heal the Natural Way

Medical checkups are not for those who opt for natural treatments but it can be more harmful than good

Also known as alternative treatments, some men and even women believe that everything can be cured naturally and that is not true. Some minor illness can be cured by alternative treatments but they are in the minority because the reason they are alternative is that they haven't been proven to work in properly run studies. This can lead to unexpected, delayed and sometimes deadly consequences.


4. It Is a Waste of Time and Money

Some don’t go for Medical checkups because it takes time and show no physical results

Getting a clean sheet of health from a routine medical check up will be good news for most people but to some, it feels like a waste of money. You sometimes pay high prices and don't get anything in return. This causes some people to feel that doctors are conducting tests that are not needed and unnecessary. This mindset is more common in the older generation and is very risky. These tests could detect very early signs of cancer and many other life threatening diseases and could most likely save your life.

5. Not Everyone is Informed

Some don’t go for Medical checkups due to not having access to information

Not everyone is informed to understand what they might need or who they need to approach with a health issue. In turn, they might give bad advice to people around them which causes more hearsay. Hearsay will cause untrue and sometimes dangerous rumors to spread. With this, it is crucial to remain constantly informed, to help those that do not understand and to seek the right medical help.

In conclusion, the best way to good health is to spread correct information, be well informed and to go for regular checkups. Always bring up your concerns with your doctor and do not be afraid to share your health troubles with your doctor and your loved ones. Early detection can save lives. Good health, live long and prosper.

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