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5 Tips to Help Fathers Manage Pregnancy Worries

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 2, 2017 6:25:57 PM / by Teo Youliang Hakim

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for not only the women, but for their spouses as well. Don’t be fooled, as even fathers face pregnancy worries despite not carrying a child in their bellies. From coping with your wife’s temperamental moods to not knowing what the future holds, the immense pressure of a new baby can weigh down even the most stoic of men.

However, your pregnancy worries might not be as overwhelming as you think. Why not tackle it with these few simple steps? We have some advice to help fathers manage pregnancy worries. Find out on how these tips can help you improve you and your wife’s pregnancy experience!

There are plenty of tips that can help fathers manage their pregnancy worries.

1. Recognize The Stress

Have you been feeling cranky all the time lately since your wife became pregnant? Or maybe you’ve been agitated over the simplest of arguments with your significant other. However, before you decide to dismiss it as one of those days, probably consider that these mood swings might actually be warning signs of being stressed out over your current situation.

Once you start to realize that, yes, you are stressed out and you need to take a breather, you’re already on to your first step in resolving the problem. The next steps will be approaching your current issue with a clear mind, and pinpoint the sources that are giving you unwanted anxieties. Whether it could be due to money, a lack of sex, or the in-laws, it’s best to identify and understand that these are the troubles that are hindering your pregnancy journey.

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2. Discussing Your Fears

If the thought of not being a great father to your unborn child has you all tensed up, it’s probably best to bring it up to someone with a listening ear. It could be a counsellor, therapist, friends or family. There are even support groups out there that consist of people who are going through the exact same problem as you.

It may be difficult confessing your personal problems to someone else at first, in the fear of being ridiculed or judged. However, once you start to open up, you’ll realize that it’ll be much easier to share your troubles and dispel your fears.

3. Adopt A Regular Sleep Pattern

It’s understandable to be losing sleep over your wife’s pregnancy, as after all, it’s quite a huge affair. However, you should try to get at least an adequate amount of sleep to face the next day with full energy.

Sometimes, it might be because you and your wife head to bed too early after a tiring morning that his will cause you to sleep throughout the evening and wake up in the middle of night, throwing your body clock into disarray. Hence, avoid sleeping in the day as best as you can.

Many couples also attribute their lack of sleep to the presence of the baby bump, which progressively worsens your sleep cycle as your child gets bigger in the belly. To resolve this, consider investing in a bigger bed which will give you plenty of space for your wife to get out of bed for toilet in the middle of the night without disturbing your rest.

Fathers managing their pregnancy worries should adopt a regular sleep pattern to stay healthy.

4. Creating A Plan

For every big event like pregnancy, there needs to be a plan in place. Whether it’s from the act of conceiving, to the frantic process of labour, being prepared on what’s to come will reduce the anxiety that you and your wife will experience.

For starters, talk to your wife and find out on how pregnancy will affect both your daily lives, as well as your relationship with each other. Will it disrupt your work schedules? Are there any additional responsibilities that the both of you need to pick up?

5. Attend Prenatal Classes

A good way to prepare yourself on what’s to come is by attending prenatal classes where you can learn all about the journey of childbirth. Perfect for first-time couples, these lessons are specially customized to cater to the uninitiated. You’ll also be able to pick up useful tips, such as breathing techniques to cope with the pain, breastfeeding and gentle exercises to relieve aches.

Even veteran fathers harbor the slightest worry of something not going as planned during pregnancy. Prenatal classes can prove to be a useful refresher course on what’s to come for the experienced dads.

Have these tips helped you out in coping your pregnancy worries? It’s perfectly natural to be concerned about the welfare of both your wife and unborn child, but don’t let it dominate your thoughts. Enjoy the unique experience, and focus more on the positive side, such as finally being a father for the first time!

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