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5 Ways On How A Caregiver Companion Can Help Your Parents

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 13, 2017 2:38:57 PM / by Teo Youliang Hakim

To some men, the idea of having a caregiver companion to check on your elderly parents may seem pointless. Why hire a stranger to check up on your dear old mom and dad? The last thing that you’d probably want is someone who you’re not even acquainted with to take care of your loved ones.

These caregivers are specialized in managing the affairs of your elderly parents. When you’re caught up with your responsibilities at work or don’t have enough leave of off days, here are the reasons why our experienced caregiver companions are the perfect answer for your needs.

Caregiver companions from CaregiverAsia are the best people to look after your aging parents.

1. Someone Reliable To Count On

With the help of our care companions, you can be certain that your parents are in good hands when you’re away. We interview our caregivers and some of them are also undergoing background checks under our Caregiver Support Services. It’ll be such a relief to know that you have someone that you can rely minding the household, as well as being a point of contact should you feel the need to check up on your loved ones.

You definitely don’t want to leave your parents alone, as they might  get involved in accidents, especially at home. According to an article from The Straits Times in 2014, accidents that happen in the home make up more than a third of patients with trauma injury, compared to those that happen in traffic or at the workplace.

What’s worse, two out of five of these patients are aged 65 and above, so be sure to consider any form of assistance for your elderly parents!

2. Vast Experience Of Caregiving

Care companions are often experienced in dealing with elderly people, which means that they’re more than prepared in handling the needs of your parents while you’re at work. This just doesn’t mean simple tasks like feeding or cleaning, however.

Many care companions hail from medical backgrounds as they are usually tasked to watch over clients with existing illnesses. Thus, if either of your parents are suffering from any form of sickness, it’s probably best to consider a care companion over a domestic helper to look after their needs.

Furthermore, this recent article from The Straits Times has highlighted the growing misperception that domestic helpers are experienced caregivers, although in truth, they might only possess minimal medical expertise or none at all. It’s important to know the capacity of a caregiver before letting them to take responsibility of your parents.

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3. A Much Needed Break

Even the best of intentions can crumble when you’re constantly taking care of a sick parent. With so much time devoted to a loved one, you’ll have little time left for your own personal commitments.

From this Forbes report, out of 1001 women caregivers in the United States and Canada, more than 80% of them have reported that taking care of their elderly parents have placed a strain on their work-life balance. Furthermore, half of them feel that they are forced to make a choice between their careers, or the welfare of their mom and dad.

Should you find yourself nodding at the previous sentences, then maybe it’s time to consider to hire a care companion to provide a few weeks of relief. Don’t look at it as neglecting your filial responsibilities. Rather, see it as an opportunity for a short break for some much-needed alone time. It will definitely be good for you and your parents when you recharge.

4. A Conversational Partner

Many of us would probably dismiss the social consequences of living alone. In fact, some people would probably see it as a haven, a respite from the noise of society. However, the troubles are much deeper than most of us can foresee.

In fact, for the elderly, living on their own can give rise to a myriad of psychological problems that can progressively worsen if left untreated. As mentioned from this chilling article on Channel NewsAsia, those living in social isolation have a higher risk of developing depression, poor sleep quality and a decrease in performance for their daily activities.

Even when you’re still in constant contact with your elderly parents, they might still remain emotionally detached for a variety of reasons. Thus, a care companion can prove vital in tackling the root of the problem by bonding and interacting with your loved ones, while keeping a close eye on their condition at the same time.

CaregiverAsia can provide you with a caregiver companion to watch over your elderly parents while you’re away.

5. Teach Rather Than Give

Your elderly parent may refuse the extra help, as they might see it as a form of weakness. Others might prefer living on their own, and will turn down any form of assistance in fear of causing unnecessary trouble for their sake.

However, having a care companion doesn’t mean that your elderly parent will have to be reliant on them all the time. Unlike a domestic helper, the goal of these caregivers is not to simply provide for your mom and dad. Their aim is to teach your elderly parents into coping with their daily activities and eventually regaining their independence.

Further studies from a Straits Times article in 2016 have proven that outright donations to the elderly living alone may cause a negative psychological effect instead of helping, as they’ll begin to feel that they’re not in control of their lives. Hence, hire a care companion and provide your parents with the much-needed encouragement to get back on their own two feet.

As much as you’d like to be back at home, personally tending to the needs of your elderly parents, rest assured that you’ve already secured the next best possible thing by hiring a care companion from CaregiverAsia. Our caregivers will ensure that you’ll be at a peace of mind during working hours, knowing that there’s someone reliable watching over your mom and dad while you’re away!

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