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5 Ways To Keep Your Children Busy During The Holidays

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 28, 2019 10:58:31 AM / by Teo Youliang Hakim

The holidays can be a welcome break for your kids to rest and relax after a tiring academic semester. However, with so much free time on their hands, even the most docile of kids can get restless and fidgety at home. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself wishing that you could send off your little ones back to school just a little earlier!

Make use of all your child’s energy to keep them positively busy during the holidays.

While you may be tempted to ground them to their rooms, why not make use of your child’s boundless energy and channel that into something beneficial instead? From learning new things, gaining experiences or making friends, there are five ways that you can keep your children busy during the holidays!

1. Pick Up A New Hobby

The most common way to keep your child occupied during the school break is by introducing them to a new interest or hobby. Whether it’s something as simple as reading, playing sports, or even arts and crafts, these hobbies can serve as an invaluable distraction to your child (and lets you grab some quiet time every now and then!). 

Also, certain hobbies have their own benefits to offer your child in their long run. Frequent reading sessions can improve your child’s vocabulary and grammar overtime, whereas a liking in sports can see them being more athletic and healthier overall. Be supportive in your child’s passions and you could be paving their interest into something much larger in the future!

2. Attend Therapy Workshops

Despite the popular misconception, therapy workshops are not solely meant for counselling troubled children and getting them back on their feet. Most therapy workshops actually specialise in furthering your child’s development, whether it’s through their interests, communication styles or even by getting them to participate in simple games.

Creating colourful works of art or expressing yourself through music are common techniques used in therapy workshops for children. While most of us see it as our child being interested in an artistic pastime, being able to creatively express their emotions can actually help your child heal, develop and manage their current state of mind as they grow to face their own personal challenges.

Seeking temporary help can assist you in keeping your child busy for the holidays.

3. Seek Temporary Help

If your busy schedule prevents you from considering the earlier suggestions, perhaps you could consider temporary help to ease the caregiving stress during the school holidays. There are abundant day care centers for working parents to place their kids in and put their minds at ease when they’re away at work.

If you’re worried about leaving your child in a foreign environment for long periods of time, don’t worry! There are home babysitters who can come down to the comfort of your own home and take care of your little ones there. Some are even able to double-up as tutors, counsellors or a caregiver of special needs, to ensure that your child won’t be left to their own devices.

4. Get A Headstart On The Next Year

It never hurts to plan ahead for the future, and your child’s next year in school is no exception. If you’re aware of the curriculum that your child has to go through for next school semester, you could schedule a tuition lessons as a casual introduction to the topics before their teachers do so. This would give your child a head start, especially if the subject is not your child’s strongest suit.

Book a babysitter today!

If you’d rather not remind your little ones of the rigors of academic life during their well-deserved break, then consider changing it into something more carefree, such as picking out a new backpack or pair of shoes for the new semester. Discuss these choices with your child and let them plan their desired outfit on their own (within reasonable budget, of course!). This will give them more confidence to make their own decisions in the future.

5. Explore The Great Outdoors

Instead of keeping your young ones cooped up at home, why not let them spend their restless energy by being active outside instead? Not only will this improve their physical well-being, being exposed to a variety of outdoor environments will also enhance their learning skills and boost their self-confidence in adapting to new surroundings.

As a parent, it’s perfectly natural to be concerned that your children might hurt themselves while playing outside. The chances of any injury, however, can be greatly reduced with proper adult supervision. And as for minor scrapes and bruises, that would only serve them as a reminder to be extra thoughtful the next time they decide do anything rash!

With this list, be rest assured that you’ll be all set to handle your children when the school holidays arrive. Despite your goals for your little ones, always remember that they’re on a well-deserved holiday. While you may have their best interests in their heart, insisting that they pursue things they’re not passionate could backfire. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up with an even grumpier kid when the new semester starts!

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Teo Youliang Hakim

Written by Teo Youliang Hakim

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