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Changing The Norms Of Caregiving

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 25, 2018 11:40:39 PM / by Sheo S. Rai

At the launch of Caregiving @ South West by Ms Low Yen Ling, Mayor of South West District, on the 26th of January, I heard a moving story by a gentleman who has been caring for his ailing father suffering from skin cancer and dementia for more than 15 years. The mental and emotional stress faced by him was so enormous that he suffered from depression.

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While patients are very important, we tend to forget the Caregivers.  They need a break and they need to know that they are not alone, that there is help available.  Help comes in the form of respite care.  Be it caring for an elderly person or children with special needs, caregivers need to occasionally step away to rest and recharge. Watch this video where on one of our Caregivers cares for children with special needs.

To the surprise of many, Mayor Low mentioned was that contrary to popular belief, a substantial portion of caregivers are men.  In the same strand of thought, how many of us still hold the misperception that nursing is a woman’s job?  An article below breaks the stereotype of a male nurse. We also have a video on a young man who talks about his joy of working as a nurse aide.    

Another group of Caregivers we have are Locum doctors.  These doctors ensure that that clinics are kept running when the resident doctor takes a break.  We have a two articles on Locum doctors that talk about a support network and some of the things to know if they are setting their rates.

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Sheo S. Rai

Written by Sheo S. Rai

If not hanging out with friends and colleagues, CaregiverAsia's CMO, Sheo, is a TV, movie and book junkie.