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CaregiverAsia Stories: Respite Care for Mrs Alpana

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 17, 2017 6:41:27 PM / by Friends of CaregiverAsia

As a Careseeker, Mrs. Alpana was constantly searching for an affordable Caregiver in Singapore that could match her needs and time for her son. While browsing online, she chanced upon CaregiverAsia's Facebook page and decided to engage our services. Here is her story on her first respite care experience with CaregiverAsia.

Happy with the caregiver who looked after her special needs son

Remember Tina and her team of medical companions? 

Mrs. Alpana has a non-verbal autistic teenager and was seeking for a medical companion to help her out. She made a booking through our website for our listed Caregiver Tina during one of our promotions. However, while being dispatched for their service, Mrs. Alpana's son had gone into an sudden epileptic seizure and required urgent medical attention therefore ending their booking with Tina. 

Despite having their prior arrangement interrupted by an unfortunate incident, Tina and her team decided to avail Mrs. Alpana the service she previously booked on another day. For Tina, she always believes she's made a commitment to her client and until she has provided her sevices, her job is incomplete.

"Tina has a good heart. She was really good and i was really touched," Mrs. Alpana said with gratitude.

Book a babysitter today!

Along with one of her medical companions, Mark, they helped care for Mrs. Alpana's son for more than five hours allowing her to carry out other urgent duties. The medical companions' job that particular day was a little challenging, not because they had to watch out for seizures but because children are usually attached to their regular Caregivers. Hence, Mrs. Alpana's 5-hour absence left a deep impression on her son and he got a little nervous at times, whenever Mark came along because it was an indicator that his mum was about to leave his side. Since it is usually difficult to understand what a non verbal autistic child needs and feels, it is very important that a medical companion keeps the child engaged, learn to understand their needs and build a rapport with them. 

"I like how Tina and Mark took the approach of playing games with my son, they are good people," Mrs Alpana explained approvingly. "Their approach provides interaction and familiarization." Through the exposure of professional medical companions, Mrs. Alpana trusts and looks forward to sessions with Tina and Mark as her son gets to interact and familiarize with other people aside from her.

We at CaregiverAsia are happy to hear that Mrs. Alpana's family found good quality help by Tina and her team through our online platform. We wish both parties the very best in their future endeavors.

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