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CaregiverAsia is Affordable and Reasonable

[fa icon="calendar"] May 5, 2017 11:01:25 AM / by Teo Youliang Hakim

A housewife with three young children, Siti fills in the role as the main caregiver for her aged parents. Being the winner for CaregiverAsia’s Shero contest on Facebook, the cheerful 35-year-old shares with us her experience on booking a care service that’s both affordable and reasonable.

Many careseekers are happy with CaregiverAsia’s affordable and reasonable pricing for their care services.

Siti’s mother had been battling with primary central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma since late 2015. The filial daughter often found herself in difficult moments: “My mother seemed weak one minute and alert in the next. There are days where she will not respond at all.

Despite going through surgery and chemotherapy sessions, the doctors said that Siti’s mother had only a few days to live. However, her sheer will to survive had not only seen her outliving the predictions, but her determination to spend every waking day alongside her family had deeply moved Siti.

However, in an effort to find further help for her mother when the hospitals could do no more, Siti stumbled upon CaregiverAsia while browsing through an online forum. “Being helpless and aimless back then when the hospital 'washed their hands’ off my mom's case, I had to rely on the Internet for information and support. From the forums, I was randomly linked to CaregiverAsia.”

Siti was pleasantly overwhelmed with the list of care services that CaregiverAsia had to offer: “It was hard to choose which of the attractive services CaregiverAsia that would benefit my mother the most!”

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Noticing that her mother had lost a lot of weight in these recent few months due to her condition, Siti decided to book the care services of a dietitian under recommendation: “I am thankful for the wise suggestion of Ms Annabelle of CaregiverAsia for the dietetic service. This is especially useful since my mother lost most of her weight during this few months of battling her sickness.”

With the help and advice of experienced dietitians Michele and Charmaine from NutriWerkz, Siti was taught on a healthy diet plan for her mother, as well as making her as comfortable as possible: “They (NutriWerkz) specifically calculated my mother's weight, age and all the necessary nutrition she needs. They also advised me on required fluids-intake, since she’s on tube feeding since December 2015, as well as proper hygiene and posture during meals.”

Siti also laments on the fact that she didn’t find out about CaregiverAsia and their care services much earlier: “I wished I’d known CaregiverAsia way back when I was giving birth. Today, as I read about confinement nannies on my Facebook newsfeed, I can relate on how useful it would’ve been to get some help during the period when I was pregnant.”

“Especially now, with my mom who’s weak and fragile from her sickness, I was on my own the whole time. The rates are affordable and reasonable for most care services, I could’ve definitely used the additional help!”

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Teo Youliang Hakim

Written by Teo Youliang Hakim

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