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CaregiverAsia Stories: Caregiving in Small but Meaningful Ways

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 29, 2016 6:04:18 PM / by Friends of CaregiverAsia

It was through word-of-mouth that Madam Serene Kwek came to know of CaregiverAsia. When her friends knew of her impending shoulder surgery, they strongly felt that she would require some help for the initial post-surgery period. Her son, who is currently working overseas, was particularly concerned that his mother should not be alone after leaving the hospital.

Madam Kwek, an avid traveler, lives alone in Singapore. As a highly independent and mobile businesswoman, she did not want to hire a domestic helper just for the surgery as she did not think that the situation required such a long-term arrangement. She knew she would be up and about in no time. Meanwhile, she needed someone to help her with moving around, bathing and the buying of meals. For Madam Kwek, a healthcare assistant, also known as medical escort, was the ideal solution to her plight and requirements. The role of a healthcare assistant is to help the patient with their daily routine functions, which has become challenging after a surgical procedure.

Careseeker Madam Serene Kwek looking radiant and upbeat, with CGA's Elaine Tan

Ms Mae Lee, the healthcare assistant who was assigned to Madam Kwek, helped her with the hospital discharge and accompanied her for the first 48 hours. Mae is no stranger to the medical industry, and has worked both in and out of the industry for some time. Since the 1980s, Mae has worked as an aide to doctors such as Dr Arthur Lim at Mount Elizabeth, and Dr Chew Da Costa. In 2011, Mae returned to the field of caregiving, combining her previous experiences as a medical aide as well as solo service provider running her own business. As a caregiver, Mae has handled more than a hundred patients whether on a casual basis or as a rostered agency employee.

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Subsequently, Mae took care of Madam Kwek for three hours daily, for a total of five days. During this period, she helped Madam Kwek with bathing, the buying of meals and the preparation of her medication.                  

Before long, Madam Kwek bounced back on her feet. “I will use CGA again! You were so efficient in getting back to me,” were her exact words. Truly, caregiving in small BUT meaningful ways. Thank you, Madam Kwek for supporting CaregiverAsia! We wish you the best of health.

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