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CaregiverAsia Stories: Luis' Respite From Home Cleaning

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 24, 2016 4:58:21 PM / by Dominic Zou

Respite services cover a broad range of things. We often use "respite care" to refer to temporary specialized care services to let regular Caregivers take a break. However, respite services can also be used by all to help them in many other areas such as housekeeping and cleaning. Here's a story about a busy furniture showroom manager who's booked a respite service for the first time.


Mr Luis Ugarte lived in a rental flat in Hougang, which was rated “8 out of 10”… for dirtiness. Through word of mouth, he learnt about CaregiverAsia and booked a respite service - house cleaning for his apartment! Luis was pleased that the booking was so convenient and easy.


“I usually never believe in hiring help because I don’t know how to search, and I don’t want to go to agencies with fees and hidden charges. It drains my time. Usually when I clean my house, I do it on the spur of the moment - never planned, because I have no time to plan,” he said.


So what changed Luis’ mind? It was the ease and convenience of booking services through CaregiverAsia! Now, Luis believes that it's so much better to get external help, and the hired Caregiver was much more thorough at cleaning too. Earlier on, Luis’ apartment was rated as “8 out of 10". And now? Luis exclaimed: "I didn’t expect her to be so thorough. She was also really fast, and the apartment is a duplex! She vacuumed, mopped, cleaned the handrail, the bookshelves, everything! And she was very polite.” Though neither Luis nor the Caregiver speaks English as a first language, they “managed to pull through" as he believed that communication was important to achieve the desired result. 


Due to his busy schedule, the respite from home cleaning was acutely needed. Luis didn't want to worry about spending what little free time he had on housekeeping. But he didn't want to live in a dirty apartment either. He wouldn't have to now that he's found a great cleaning service at CaregiverAsia. “I'm thinking of booking a cleaning service again,” the happy customer said. Muchas gracias, hombre!


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