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Community Nursing For Aging Care

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 8, 2018 12:48:25 PM / by Sheo S. Rai

We held our inaugural Community Nursing for Older Adults Workshop. Participants were awarded four Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points. The workshop was a basic introduction to community nursing. The interactive teaching materials in this workshop invited the participants to explore the complexities of nursing in the community; the function of primary healthcare; and to develop a profile of the community in which their clients live and work.

72dpi heart nurse plus old woman.png

Moreover, the knowledge the participants’ gained will enable them to develop an understanding of the needs and concerns of the older adults living in the community and those who care for them. Click here to watch what the participants and the trainer had to say after the course.

We believe that aging in place – living with purpose and dignity, is a choice that everyone needs to have when they grow older.  Being able to access qualified, experienced Caregivers would be a necessary first step in making that choice. This workshop, a component of our Caregiver Support Services (CSS), will prepare and equip nurses to play a key role in delivering positive care outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for those older adults with co-morbidities that need complex care interventions.

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