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CaregiverAsia Stories: Confined and Contented

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 18, 2016 4:48:04 PM / by Soo Ming Ming

It's been 2 months since I returned to the world of spit milk and baby talk. Minus my struggle in shedding the pregnancy weight (yes I only have myself to blame for the many months of indulgence), I feel energized and less brain damaged than the first time. Partly perhaps because little Roxy has been a sweetheart, but also because of the trusted help I received during confinement to establish a new momentum for my life.

I delivered Roxy via a scheduled c-section as advised by my doctor. Like how things seem to always pile up before a planned holiday, it was no different for my maternity. I continuously ran through in my head all the things I planned to complete before I shut down my computer that last working day, hoping that I don't surprise my colleagues with unfinished business whilst away.

With most of my energy focused at work, I didn't spend much time planning for my confinement. I was therefore super lucky that I had my mum who did that for me, once again. 

Contented mother with her baby

Confinement is a complicated business. There are so many schools of thought as to what can be done, what needs to be done and what are taboo. For example in terms of diet, I know banana is on the approved food list. But there are apparently only certain types of banana that get the green light. Seriously?! Without the time and patience to do the research on the do's and dont's, I depended fully on my mum for guidance. I then had only the simple task of following, or sneakily breaking the rules. 

But one rule I've learnt not to break, is to get sufficient rest. And that means having to occasionally pass my baby to someone I could trust during his or her fussy times. They are family members in my case or for many of my friends, an experienced confinement nanny. I recall during my confinement after my first pregnancy, I was eager to keep my baby close to me 24/7. But soon enough, the baby's frequent cries coupled with sleep deprivation pushed me to the edge and I became easily irritable and started to self blame for not preparing myself sufficiently for what was to come. 

I gave up eventually and built in a 2 hour nap time for myself daily whilst leaving my baby in the hands of trusted ones. What a difference the extra sleep made. I had more quality time with my baby and better conversations with everyone else to learn the ways of parenthood. 

Receiving confinement care is a privilege. Having someone who can anticipate your needs and provide guidance helps you start the motherhood journey with confidence and with a healthy physique. After all, motherhood is a lifelong journey, and it is important to start it right.

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