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Elderly and Respite Care

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 21, 2019 10:23:18 AM / by Dr Jeffrey Po

Families have always taken care of their aging, sick or disabled members. This is part of our cultural tradition. However, the increase in the life expectancy of people, in general, has given new meaning to the “older generation.” The elderly of the past is today living longer. With that comes along an extended period of time whereby the quality of life of the person gradually deteriorates and ebbs away.

Dr. Jeffrey Po has a vast life experience that he shared with us. Learnt a lot about human life and physiology from the session. Kasey Ang, Care Companion

Caring for the elderly is not easy. The situation can be further aggravated when some form of physical and/or mental disabilities accompany the aging person. It may be a terminal illness or simply a mental affliction of being incapacitated. Still, it requires both physical and spiritual strengths and stamina, tolerating bouts of frustrations and irritations, and constantly trying to overcome the onset of being burnt-out and exhaustion. It requires the expressions of patience, compassion and most of all trying to figure out why had the burden be thrown upon the shoulder of that caregiver.

Good sharing amongst the facilitator and participants. I now understand more about caregiving to my loved ones.  – Doreen Teoh

Admittedly caregiver of the elderly does sometimes receive some sort of temporary and occasional respite and rest from the chores when some others take over the duties and responsibilities. But then the respite is temporary and of short duration. What then? Back to the same old drudgery!

It was a very informative and interesting session on motivation and all aspects of caregiving from the emotional, spiritual and physical point of view. – Gloria Wong, Babysitter

How then does the caregiver of the elderly faces and cope with the long-term prospect of being in such an unpleasant and distressful situation? One would be to accept the situation as a spiritual journey that needed to be undertaken and to be aware that spiritual rewards can be received at the end of the journey. Further an attitude of “simply doing with any sort of emotional attachments” can be useful. In other words – just discharge the obligatory duties and responsibilities with any emotional references. Finally, avoid playing the “blame-game” and be awaken than one day your turn may come. With Best Wishes.

It was beneficial for me as I received guidance for caregiving in various aspects through Dr. Jeffrey Po’s sharing. – Zarenina Begum Binte Mehmood, Medical Escort

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Dr Jeffrey Po

Written by Dr Jeffrey Po

Dr Jeffrey Po is a Counselling Psychologist in private practice who possesses some 15 years of experience in the area of counselling, psychotherapy and psychology as well as being a lecturer, workshop presenter and trainer both locally and internationally. Author of four books, Jeffrey is a certified Hypnotherapist, Meditation Instructor, Spiritual Counsellor, Pastoral Thanatologist and Practitioner in NLP and Reiki.

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