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CaregiverAsia Stories: Fitness Program for Busy Executives

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 30, 2016 12:23:25 PM / by Ann Lopez Aziz

Who can truthfully say they’ve climbed 50 storeys in one go?

Juliet Yow can!

The busy executive attributed her robust cardio fitness to a year of training with Beng Kuan, fondly known as BK. Juliet confessed that before BK took her and her family under his lean (and sculpted!) wings, she couldn’t even run up two storeys without passing out...

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Not only was Juliet unfit, but she was often under the weather as she helplessly watched the number on the bathroom scale consistently rose. Struggling to shift the growing waistline, Juliet was often demoralized and fell ill regularly. And her tight work schedule contributed heavily to her weighty plight. Despite numerous exasperated attempts to lose weight, the mother of one had vowed to never walk into a slimming centre or try slimming pills for fear that they’d do more harm than good.

Too busy to exercise? Here's a fitness program for busy executives

Our Motto: Get Trim & Fit For Life!

Juliet had an epiphany one day and knew her final approach was to achieve true fitness in order to successfully drop dress sizes. She learnt about BK through a friend and before you could say “diet”, Juliet signed up a three-month “I AM TRIM & FIT” package with BK. And the rest is history.

Today, Juliet’s mindset is rewired to exercise, eat and sleep the right way. After being re-educated on the importance of fitness, Juliet’s toned up and dropped a few dress sizes. “I feel more energetic and unlikely to fall ill,” Juliet asserted. “During the training, we learnt about endurance, which not only conditions the body but also the mind; it helps me push myself further at each training.” A Trim & Fit ambassador, Juliet would tell you how her physique and fitness have strengthened her and she’s “no longer afraid of climbing stairs, even 50 storeys”. The fitness bug was so contagious that even Juliet’s family got involved as well. She was in awe that BK got her husband, Norman, to exercise because he had never liked exercise! Today, Norman has not only adopted BK’s training techniques, but also practises on his own – anywhere and anytime.

BK's holds fitness program for busy executive likes Juliet

Fitness Program For Busy Executives

BK’s programs are fantastic for anyone with a tight schedule. Usually held once a week on a Saturday, BK’s intensive sessions are done in groups and go for an hour and half. What busy executives can get out of BK’s program is not only the knowledge to train effectively and safely in a short period of time, but also the knowledge to train independently. “All we need is a towel and a flat surface area. Just 45 minutes of bodyweight training, then finishing with a short run – makes for a perfect workout!” Juliet explained. Always held in open air spaces such as rooftop carparks and nature parks, BK's training classes are also catered for the outdoor lovers as well as those who are tired of being cooped up in the office everyday.

Juliet highly recommends BK to her peers – for his professionalism, responsibility and integrity as a fitness coach. “He checked our pulse before he pushes us further in the training as well as taught us to train without injuring ourselves,” she said with confidence. “And he listened to all feedback after each session.” Truly the best trainer in Juliet’s eyes. 

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Ann Lopez Aziz

Written by Ann Lopez Aziz

Ann is a CaregiverAsia Powerpuff girl by day, mother by night. And a prudent Caregiver who believes balance is key. When not training for her next IRONMAN race, she scourers the neighbourhood for tasty epok-epok. Good thing she likes to share ‘cause sharing is caring!

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