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5 Ways a Nurse Aide can Get Your Loved Ones Ready for the Festivities

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 13, 2020 12:23:58 PM / by Lim Jia Hui

When there’s a festive occasion coming up and you have to make the necessary preparations while caring for your loved ones at the same time, it is hard not to feel overwhelmed in such situations. With an extra pair of hands from a certified healthcare professional, your loved ones can be in good hands while you can put your mind to preparing for the festivities.

If you have loved ones who require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), a Nurse Aide would come in useful in making sure they receive proper care. Nurses are commonly heard of in Singapore, but less so for Nurse Aides. Before diving into what a nurse aide can do for your family, you may want to understand the differences between a Nurse and a Nurse Aide, so that you can make an informed decision on who to engage to serve the healthcare needs of your beloved.

What Duties do Nurses and Nurse Aides Fulfill?

Due to differences in the amount of training received, Nurses and Nurse Aides serve to perform varying duties in their work. Nurses in Singapore need to have valid licenses with Singapore Nursing Board, the regulatory authority for nurses and midwives. On the other hand, Nurse Aides require either a WSQ Certificate in Healthcare Support or ITE Skills Certificate in Health Care to seek employment.

During their course of education, Nurses receive knowledge about different specializations of healthcare, such as children’s health, women’s health, adult health and geriatric health, as well as theory about human physiology, pharmacology, and even psychology. More importantly, they undergo regular laboratory sessions and clinical attachments at healthcare institutions so that they can confidently practice what they have learnt in college. They are able to perform nursing procedures like catheterization, nasogastric tube feeding, wound dressing, stoma care, blood draws, tracheostomy, intravenous therapy, oral and nasal suctioning and even home-based dialysis, on top of ADLs. Since Nurses are equipped with more comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, they are suitable for providing care to care recipients who have conditions that require close monitoring.

Nurses can perform a variety of nursing procedures, while Nurse Aides mainly assist in Activities of Daily Living.

On the contrary, Nurse Aides receive knowledge about managing ADLs such as feeding, transferring, transporting and cleaning of patients, as well as information on working in a healthcare environment, including regulatory procedures, workplace safety and health policies and waste disposal. As such, they are meant to provide support in the care recipients’ daily activities and are not suitable to perform invasive procedures or take care of patients who have complicated medical conditions.

In most home care organizations like CaregiverAsia, the costs of engaging a Nurse and a Nurse Aide differ, as their level of competency and healthcare knowledge vary. If you’re looking for a healthcare professional who can provide eldercare duties well, read on to find out how a Nurse Aide can be greatly beneficial for you and your loved ones.

Bathing and dressing the elderly to make them feel refreshed

Part of the excitement of celebrating a festive occasion comes with dolling yourself in new clothing and immersing yourself in the festive mood. While going for a quick shower and donning the shirt that you have been waiting to put on for ages is an easy feat for you, the elderly may struggle to complete this simple task if they have issues with mobility. It is not easy for you to single-handedly help them in bathing and dressing, and may even be dangerous if you have never undergone caregiver training, as accidents may happen to you or your elderly family members if proper measures are not taken. Therefore, hiring a Nurse Aide is a safe and affordable way to help your loved ones wash up and dress well. 

To avoid accidents, engage a Nurse Aide to help the elderly with bathing and dressing.

Feeding the elderly meals

Typically, the main family caregivers are the busiest when festivities are drawing near, as they would be whipping up meals for guests and tending to their children and elderly parents at the same time. Without a Nurse Aide around to provide additional help, the festive season may be a stressful one for family caregivers. Especially for the elderly who have chewing and swallowing difficulties, Nurse Aides who are trained to feed them meals safely will give you peace of mind while you attend to guests.

A Nurse Aide is professionally trained to feed the elderly who have chewing and swallowing difficulties.

Transferring and transporting the elderly around

During the festive season, house visits bring friends and relatives closer as we reconnect with them over hearty conversations. Should you bring your elderly parents along for visiting, you may want to consider getting a Nurse Aide to help transfer them around the guests’ house, as the unfamiliar environment coupled with a crowd of guests may pose challenges for your parents in walking from the living room to the bathroom. Besides, it’s good to have someone who knows how to correctly move the elderly from the wheelchair to the car to minimize the chances of injuries.

Visiting relatives during the festive occasion? Nurse Aides can help to transfer and transport the elderly safely.

Helping the elderly with toileting needs

Are your hands tied with socializing with guests and worried about neglecting your elderly parents? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to have an extra pair of hands to provide ready assistance to your parents, such as helping them with their toileting needs. Festivities are meant to be celebrated in relaxation, and it is unfair for you to be in a rush during such occasions. Likewise, your loved ones will not bear to see you having no time for yourself.

Being a great companion for the elderly

Last but not least, nothing beats having more company during the festivities! Apart from helping your elderly parents in  ADLs, Nurse Aides can keep your parents entertained by engaging them in activities, such as playing chess, reading the news to them, going for walks with them or simply be their listener and talk about topics under the sun. A capable and cheery Nurse Aide not only makes your life easier but spices up the occasion for your family. 

A Nurse Aide can keep your loved ones entertained by engaging them in activities.

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