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Four Health Benefits of a Clean Air-conditioner

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 16, 2020 10:10:32 AM / by Lim Jia Hui

In tropical Singapore, close to 99% of households own at least one air-conditioner. Given our purchasing power and the evergreen climate, this high percentage comes as no surprise to us. While most of you may install an air-conditioner with the intention of having a cool night’s sleep, the health benefits of an air-conditioner extend beyond that. If you are among the 1% of households who do not own an air-conditioner, you may be enticed to join the other 99% after reading this article!

A Consistent Temperature Wards Off Health Ailments

Do you recall yourself falling ill due to erratic weather? This is because a temperature that is too high or low causes our energy to be exhausted fast and weakens our immune systems. By having an air-conditioner that maintains constant room temperature, our immune systems can remain healthy to ward off infections, and our risks for heat stroke and heat exhaustion are reduced too. 

Just like how fluctuating body temperature means one’s health is at stake, an air-conditioner that is unable to maintain a constant temperature is due for maintenance. If you feel that the air temperature feels warmer or cooler than the temperature you have set, the air-conditioner is due for maintenance.  


Healthy Humidity Levels Keep You Healthy

Are you aware that a well-functioning air-conditioner not only keeps the temperature constant but the humidity level as well? It does so via the refrigerant system. An optimal humidity level indoors should range from 40% to 50%, though a range from 30% to 60% is still acceptable. A humidity level that is lower than 30% means the air is too dry, and people within the environment will be susceptible to dry throats and noses, upper respiratory infections and dry skin. On the other hand, if the humidity level exceeds 60%, bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms that thrive in moist conditions will multiply, making you prone to a variety of microbial infections. 


Clean Filters Minimize Air Pollutants

You may know that the filters on the air-conditioner serve as barriers against pollutants so that air released from it is clean and fresh. These filters trap fume, dust, pollen, allergens and other irritating substances that can trigger an asthma attack. It is necessary to clean and replace the filters regularly because dirty filters not only restrict the airflow and lower energy efficiency, air that passes through the filter can even transport dirt into the evaporator coil and affect its capacity to absorb heat. 


Less Worry about Insect-borne Diseases

With Dengue Fever being endemic and Zika on the rise, having an air-conditioner may be a feasible prevention measure against these vectors. Firstly, windows and doors need to be shut when the air-conditioner is in operation, so that inhibits insects from entering your premises. Secondly, a cool and dry atmosphere creates an unfavorable environment for insects to gather. Thirdly, the cool temperature can lower your body temperature, making you less of a target for mosquitoes. 

Having an air-conditioner keeps you safe from heat-related, respiratory and insect-borne conditions, but that’s if you keep your unit in good condition by regular maintenance. Although you can perform simple maintenance work like cleaning the air filters, complex tasks that involve the machinery parts should be left to the professionals. If an untrained person attempts to perform maintenance and refrigeration chemicals leak, serious health consequences may result. 


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Lim Jia Hui

Written by Lim Jia Hui

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