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Take 5: Get Better At Asking for Help

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 14, 2016 7:24:10 PM / by Ann Lopez Aziz

Ever been in a situation where you needed dire assistance with work but couldn’t bring yourself to ask? You’d be relieved to know you’re not the only one. This self-reliance phenomenon is due to people’s perception of asking for help – it’s seen as a weakness or ignorance, implying they can’t get their work done on their own, according to an expert. The other hurdle is “nervousness about incurring social debts or obligations” as the worry of owing someone a favor deters many from asking for help.

These self-limiting barriers are a hindrance to the productivity, and the individual’s learning process and success. Hence, to be successful, you have to ask for what you need. With the worry looming over your head it can be hard to articulate your thoughts and in this case questions. We understand! So we’ve put together a video on five great tips to help you get better at asking for help.

There are freelance highly skilled professionals at CaregiverAsia who can guide you closer towards achieving your goals or overcome a roadblock. All you need to do is ask. Call CaregiverAsia at +65 6258 6683 to talk to us or click below for a wide range of care services!

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Ann Lopez Aziz

Written by Ann Lopez Aziz

Ann is a CaregiverAsia Powerpuff girl by day, mother by night. And a prudent Caregiver who believes balance is key. When not training for her next IRONMAN race, she scourers the neighbourhood for tasty epok-epok. Good thing she likes to share ‘cause sharing is caring!

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