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Getting Help at Home when Your Helper Goes On Home Leave

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 28, 2017 5:34:41 PM / by Wan Ling Yeo

One of the frequent laments that I hear about modern life, is what happens when your carefully planned, amazingly well-balanced routine of caregiving for your family gets disrupted when your helper takes her (well-deserved) annual break back to her home country. Yes, Aunty Evelynne, has earned her break, and her family in the Philippines must be so happy to see her after an 11 months gap, but for many busy working moms, that 4 weeks that Aunty is away, could present a huge challenge to managing work, with family and home commitments.

Not to fret! CaregiverAsia is here with its band of freelancing, all stars, home cleaners! A busy lawyer, Regina See, engaged the services of Caregiver Zhangxiao on the CaregiverAsia website and shared her story. 

All About Regina

CaregiverAsia provides temporary help at home for busy momsYou probably wouldn't think that Regina is a Partner in one of Singapore's largest law firms, practicing cross-border, multi-language, M&A law when you meet her. Pixie-sized, down to earth, with a booming, infectious laugh, Regina is a real living example of a lady who has balanced a family life with a career well (yes! Ladies, it's possible!). Regina is in her 40s, and together with her husband who is a high-flying financial executive, they live in a landed property with their two and half year old toddler. Regina relies quite a bit on her support structure at home. Her parents live close by, and Regina drops off her toddler with mom when she goes off to work. She has a domestic helper at home who deals with the main daily chores of cleaning and washing, and helps Regina with babysitting and looking after her child when needed. When Regina's helper went back to her home country for three weeks for her annual leave, Regina turned to the freelance caregiving services of CaregiverAsia to make sure that life continues to run, undisrupted, for her and the family.

The CaregiverAsia Experience

Regina came to know of CaregiverAsia when she heard about it through her friends. She had also read about CaregiverAsia in the news and had made a mental note of the company in case she needed home services in future. Regina had tried looking for temporary cleaning help through her own networks and word of mouth without avail before she decided to try out the CaregiverAsia website, two weeks before her helper went back to the Philippines. Browsing through the website, her immediate thoughts that put her at ease with booking on the website was: "It’s not just a random listing. My impression is that the caregivers are reviewed/vetted by Caregiver Asia, and customer service is also able to provide useful first-hand recommendations and advice."

Get help when your helper goes on leave

Regina liked the friendly smile and nice energy that one of the Caregivers, Zhang Xiao, had on her service postings, and zoomed in on her. She read more about Zhang Xiao on the CaregiverAsia Blog and liked the openness in which Zhang Xiao had shared on her previous engagements as a cleaner.  She particularly enjoyed the portion where Zhang Xiao shared how she dealt with spooky situations in offices that she had to clean after hours!

As Regina's terms of engagement were for a period of three weeks, and Zhang Xiao had only put up her availability online for just a week, Regina called CaregiverAsia to make a customized arrangement for Zhang Xiao's services. She was happy with the customer service call center and thought it was important that our Care Executives were able to provide useful first-hand recommendations and advice.

Looking for help at home when your helper goes on leave? Click below to book a care service today! For enquiries, call CaregiverAsia at +65 6258 6683.

Book Home Cleaning Today!

After the call from Regina, CaregiverAsia proceeded with taking over all the caregiving arrangements, from the confirmation of the scheduling needed, down to the scope of the service to be provided, payment, and ensuring that the Caregiver turns up for her appointment. 

Clearly delighted by Zhang Xiao's services, let's hear what Regina had to say about her experience with Zhang Xiao's home cleaning services.

Careseeker Testimonial Affordable Home Cleaning Services


"Based on reviews and recommendations from Caregiver Asia, I hired Zhang Xiao, who was a godsend! I found her to be extremely good at her job, and most importantly, very reliable and honest.  Initially, I hired her to come in twice a week for 3 hours. As soon as she arrived for the first time, she quickly surveyed the house to assess the extent of the work required. She asked me a few quick questions to understand my expectations and requirements and familiarized herself with the availability and location of the materials she had to work with. I found her to be methodical and organized, and she went about the job so quietly and efficiently, that I hardly noticed her there. I can safely say that after she was done with the first session, my house had never been cleaner! I promptly increased her sessions to three times a week for four hours each time, so that we could expand the work scope to include other household duties like laundry and ironing, all of which she handled impeccably as well."

It's another great week at CaregiverAsia when we hear about these great CareStories!

Thank you Regina and Zhang Xiao! 

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