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Heartland workouts: How to turn your neighbourhood into your personal gym

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 13, 2020 8:00:00 PM / by Strada Visual Lab

Looking to get fit but just can’t stand the thought of sweating out at the gym with a whole lot of other people? Or maybe you’ve just gotten bored of working out at home, thanks to the Circuit Breaker period. Whatever the case, you’ll be happy to know that there are many options for you to keep healthy in your neighbourhood. And best of all, you won’t even have to spend a single cent. Read on to find out more!

Stretch it out at fitness corners

Fitness Corners

If you’re living in a Housing and Development Board (HDB) estate, you’ve probably already noticed various outdoor fitness corners for the young and old alike. Those catering to the youths feature everything from pull-up bars to sit-up benches, and more. In some estates, you’ll even find special equipment like standing broad jump mats designed to help men train for their individual physical proficiency test (IPPT) too. So, you really don’t need expensive gym equipment to keep fit! Plus, who knows – you might even age to be as fit as the guys from Team Strong Silver Singapore!

If you’ve been finding ways to encourage your grandparents to get some exercise,  here’s some good news for you- there are also fitness corners specially designed for the older generations too! These feature easy-to-use equipment encourage mobility and increase the strength of users, so that seniors will become less prone to falls. Though these fitness corners were barricaded off during the Circuit Breaker and in Phase 1 post-Circuit Breaker, they’re open to the public once again in Phase 2!  

Climb your way up (and down!) your HDB flat's staircase

Climbing Stairs

A quick way to improve your core muscle strength is through climbing stairs. Not only is it free, but you also won’t have to travel too far away from home! Climbing stairs is more effective than running when toning your body. This is because it engages major muscles in your lower body – from your glutes to hamstrings, calves and even abs.

Plus, when you stair climb, you burn twice the fat in half the time than if you were to run, and three times more than walking. In fact, one hour of stair climbing can burn approximately 1,000 calories!

Jog around your neighbourhood


Arguably the most convenient exercise, jogging is a favourite past time of many Singaporeans. Those looking to lose weight can take comfort in knowing that jogging boosts metabolism and burns about 300 calories per half-hour jog. What’s more, contrary to certain beliefs, jogging is not all bad for the bones. It helps strengthen them and prevents problems like osteoporosis, and arthritis from occurring later on in life.

In addition to its physical health benefits, jogging is also good for the mind as it prevents stress. Although some of you may enjoy jogging at parks or even stadiums, pounding the pavements around your neighbourhood allows you to take in the sights and explore different areas that you may not normally travel to. To give you that extra boost of motivation, try keeping track of your progress with fitness trackers too. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not try out what this talented guy did!    

Explore nature at neighbourhood parks and park connectors

Park & ParkConnectors

Did you know that being around nature helps eliminate negative feelings including anger, stress and fear? Nature makes people feel better emotionally and has also been known to improve their physical well-being. These include benefits such as reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and more.

As such, exercises which give you a reason to be amidst natural landscapes are an excellent idea! For a start, try brisk walking, jogging or even cycling around your neighbourhood parks. Most parks are filled with colourful flora and fauna, and loads of greenery to keep your mind at ease. After all, there’s a reason why Singapore is called a Garden City.

And if you’d prefer to venture out even further from your nearest park, why not check out park connectors? If you haven’t already heard, Singapore has a vast network of park connectors that link up various neighbourhoods in different areas. Start planning your route here!

Void deck gymming

So you’re done with your dose of cardio after jogging or brisk walking around the neighbourhood. It’s now time to go home, but then you’re in the mood for some aerobic exercises just to stretch your muscles a little more. Instead of doing them at home, why not do these short exercises at your void deck or any space near your home? Apart from preventing your freshly mopped floors from getting covered in sweat, a little more fresh air won’t hurt! 

Here are some simple exercises you could try at your void deck or around your estate:

Exercise 1: Squats

Keep your back straight, with your feet turned out. Drop to knee height. Return to the standing position.



Exercise 2: Lunges

Stand with your feet parallel to one another, and take a big step forward with your right leg, landing with your knee bent over your toes. Allow your back knee to drop toward the floor. Push off from your right front foot to return to the standing position.



Exercise 3: High knees

Jog on the spot, lifting each knee as high as you can.

High Knees


Exercise 4: Dips

Find a sturdy ledge or bench to sit on and place your hands on the front edge of the seat. Push your butt forward until it is suspended in front of the ledge or bench, with your arms supporting your weight. Drop your hips towards the floor, or until your arms form a 90-degree angle. Push up through your palms back to start position.


Now that you’ve got some ideas on how you can keep fit without having to leave the comfort of your neighbourhood, why not combine them all into your personal heartland workout? For instance, you could start with a jog around your ‘hood’ and some exercises at the void deck, before climbing the stairs back to your home! It’s time to lace up and get going!


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