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How CSS Has Helped My Freelancing Career

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 22, 2017 3:24:12 PM / by Friends of CaregiverAsia

My name is Felicia Ong and I have been working as a certified freelance nurse aide for two years and recently joined the CaregiverAsia platform. While the healthcare training courses have armed me with the relevant nursing techniques and knowledge to provide professional services in clinics, I didn’t understand what it meant to work as a freelance nurse aide. Neither did I have the confidence to advertise myself to clients, as well as how I should act in a home care setting.

A nurse aide shares her story on how CSS has helped her freelancing career

It was my first time getting started as a freelancer and I was uncertain about how to go about getting customers after registering on the platform. Thus, I decided to reach out to Ms. Letitia with regards to my concerns. Letitia helped me by sharing and explaining the Caregiver Support Service (CSS) program – an initiative by CaregiverAsia.

With her advice, I decided to upgrade my competency in providing home care by tapping into the CSS program with CaregiverAsia. The CSS Program consists of:

  1. Professional Profile Writing and Photo Taking
  2. Backgrounds Check
  3. NTUC Learning Hub and CaregiverAsia developed courses, as well WSQ courses for caregivers. For the WSQ ones, I used my SkillsFuture Credit.

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Learn How to List Your Services with CSS!

Firstly, the professional profile writing and photo session not only continues to increase the readability of my biography by providing a concise and effective summary of my relevant skills but also continues to give a good first impression in the customers’ minds, making my services appear much more professional and reliable to my patients.

Secondly, the backgrounds check assures my potential patients that they are hiring someone trustworthy and dependable, and it goes a long way in paving a relationship of trust between the client and myself.

And finally, I felt that the online video courses has helped build up my self-confidence by equipping me with useful pointers such as the appropriate communications skills, grooming and hygiene to get me ready in providing competent home care.

Overall, the CSS program has boosted my chances of getting selected as a caregiver and making my profile stand out. It has also empowered me to take control and manage my freelancing services. Now, I am much more confident that I can provide high-quality home care and build that relationship of trust with all my patients.

Thank you, Ms. Letitia and CaregiverAsia.

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