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Caregiver Confidentials: How Medical Escorts Can Help Working Families

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 6, 2017 1:31:08 PM / by Teo Youliang Hakim

Have you ever accompanied an ill family member back and forth to the hospital? Then you must know how challenging it feels when you find yourself constantly occupied with the welfare of your ailing relative. Indeed, the feeling is often mutual with the patient, as they are aware on how badly that they’re inconveniencing their loved ones with their condition. Some may even skip crucial appointments and medications just to avoid uncomfortable social situations!

Transporting patients back and fro from the hospital is one way how medical escorts can help working families

For those caught in such a situation, however, there’s still hope. You won’t need to push yourself to extreme decisions once you learn how medical escorts can help in reducing your troubles! Here’s a real-life example of how a woman was inspired to pick up the mantle after undergoing the same troubles.

For Mallika D/O Utirapathy, she chanced upon the role as a medical escort when she attended a healthcare talk held by NTUC. She was able to embrace her role, due to a negative experience of not being able to leave the hospital after a recent eye cataract surgery. With no one available to send her back, she eventually had to trouble her relatives, who were working at that time, to be officially discharged.

Not only that, Mallika was also responsible for taking care of a sickly relative 16 years ago, accompanying her to medical appointments and seeing that she made it back home safely. The 69-year-old retiree had to take frequent leaves from work just to accompany her relative during the hospital visits.

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Mallika hopes to further prevent patients and working families from experiencing what she went through. To her, a medical escort is more than just accompanying the patient from point A to point B. It’s also about providing the proper companionship when their family can’t commit to the responsibility, as well as keeping them happy at all times, whether it’s waiting to see the doctor or collecting medicine from the pharmacy.

From her training as a medical escort and past experiences, Mallika knows that it can be difficult dealing with the older patients. She highlights patience and understanding as key fundamentals when interacting with the elderly, as they are often emotionally volatile and affected by long term medical conditions.

Mallika also opted to be trained in the Singapore’s Workforce Skill Qualifications (WSQ) Healthcare Assistance. Focused on taking care of the elderly and their needs, such as moving them from the bed to the wheelchair or learning to bond and making them comfortable, it’s a course that many medical escorts are looking to pick up in order to strengthen their caregiving towards the older generation.

Medical escorts can help make hospital visits and appointments more comfortable and convenient for patients

Mallika believes that anyone with the right mindset can choose to become a medical escort. In fact, during her training at the Healthcare Assistance course, she saw plenty of people from different age groups attending the lessons as well. Many of them had expressed their interest in learning to provide care for their elderly relatives.

With a little motivation, she predicts, these potential caregivers can provide the solution for alleviating the heavy burdens on working families with a sickly relative. Then perhaps after that, there might not be scenarios of patients left out in the cold after their tiring operations and surgeries!  

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Teo Youliang Hakim

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