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How to Choose the Best Tutor for Your Child?

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 10, 2020 10:18:54 AM / by Eblity

When it comes to improving a child’s grades, parents would go all out to find the right tutor for their child. However, finding the right tutor can be quite a nightmare for some. Parents either end up with an inexperienced tutor or the child isn’t able to connect with the tutor.

While some parents rely on referrals from trusted sources such as school teachers, friends or family members, some parents would go through great measures by scouring the web to look out for the right tutor.

There are many factors a parents should consider prior to hiring the best tutor. Here are 4 recommendation for parents to consider when hiring a tutor for their child.

Check academic credentials:

It is essential to check the tutor's credentials in order to be able to know if the tutor has the ability to teach the subject matter. Parents may request for the academic credentials from the potential tutors and at the same time ask the type of academic training the potential tutor has in the subject the he/she is tutoring.

Examine the academic credentials of the tutor to determine his expertise in the subject matter.

Background screening:

Parents should by all means conduct a background screening prior to engaging a tutor. Do request for any references parents can speak to about the potential tutor. In addition, it is always good to ask for the number of students the potential tutor has worked with and how the students have responded to his/her tuition.

Establishing rapport:

Arrange for an in-person interview and request for the tutor to have a short exercise with the child. Observe how the tutor interacts with the child. There has to be some sort of rapport between the tutor and the child.

If all turned out well during the first meet up session, parents may consider engaging the tutor. However it is recommended that parents monitor the rapport after the sixth lesson before further engaging the tutor’s service. If things do not look good, parents may consider looking for another tutor.

Determine if the tutor has a strong rapport with your child during the first few lessons before engaging her on a long-term basis.

Measurement of child's progress:

Be sure to check with the potential tutor on how he/she will devise the appropriate study plan for your child. In addition, clarify with the potential tutor how he/she will go about assessing whether goals are achieved. It is also recommended for parents to request for written reports in order to keep track of the child’s learning progress.

The above are just some recommended suggestions parents can consider when looking out for the right tutor for their child. It is best not to rush into choosing a tutor if he/she does not have the right skills or experience to match your child’s learning needs.

Every child is special and talented. The same goes for children with special needs. With proper intervention and support, they can integrate well into society. To help them receive the required support in the long run, CaregiverAsia has launched the Extraordinary Care Program that ensures continued long-term therapy for children with integrated therapy service providers and medical escorting service with a trained caregiver, in the unfortunate event that their parents or guardians are no longer able to care for them. Do you know of a friend caring for a special needs child? Find out more about the Extraordinary Care Program below to understand how it can benefit them!

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The article is written by Eblity, a collaborative platform that focuses on the education of children with special needs and slow learners. Visit www.eblity.com to find out more about the academic programs they offer.

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Written by Eblity

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