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How To Find Your Perfect Confinement Nanny

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 25, 2016 8:03:05 PM / by Jocelyn Lee

As future moms prepare for the birth of their new babies, lots of preparation must be done. In fact, it can become easily overwhelming, especially when there is a human being kicking around in their tummy. One of the tasks that many future moms think about is hiring a confinement nanny, whether to engage through a nanny agency or not. Wait, let’s back up – what is confinement?

Confinement nannies help new moms with their home and new baby to ease the transition from pregnancy to motherhood. It is a primary time for rejuvenation and rest, as well as learning how to care for their precious newborn. Fast forward- new moms often think about hiring a confinement nanny. However, how do moms know which confinement nanny to hire? That’s where we come in!

CaregiverAsia calls confinement nannies all day. In efforts to recruit the best nannies for moms-to-be, we take huge care and efforts into asking the right questions and hiring the best confinement nannies. We settle for no less, because we understand the cold feet, apprehensiveness, and absolute importance of hiring someone that cares for our newborn babies. Watch Jocelyn’s tips on how to ask the right questions when looking for a confinement nanny in Singapore, so that moms can confidently hire the perfect one for their family (that’s a little larger, and a lot happier). Here's how to find a good confinement nanny!

When comes to recruiting confinement nannies, we ensure that we sign-up the best ones. From laundry to breastfeeding, we make sure that the confinement nannies are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and confident in their jobs. However, it is not just about the competency; it’s also about character and personality.

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Jocelyn Lee

Written by Jocelyn Lee

"Jocelyn is a young, energetic team member at Caregiver Asia who sees the importance of caregiving services in modern times. She loves helping and working with everyone on the team, as well as eat all the Kit Kats in the office!"

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