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How You Can Curb Food Waste!

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 15, 2021 12:21:03 PM / by KidzMatters

KidzMatters - How You Can Curb Food Waste! (1200 x 630 px)

Eliminate food waste in these creative ways!

Growing up, you might have heard elders urging you not to waste food. Eating enough or ensuring you don’t waste the food on your plate is synonymous with a good character and value. However, today, Singapore faces the coronavirus pandemic, higher cases of dengue and yet another epidemic: food waste!

The numbers are alarming too. A 2016-17 NEA study revealed that each household disposed of 2.5 kg of avoidable food waste each week! Rice, noodles and bread were among the most commonly wasted food items. The amount of food waste generated has grown by almost 30% over the past 10 years and is expected to rise further with a growing population.

Food is an essential resource. Singapore is exposed to the volatilities of the global food market as we import over 90% of our food supply. The coronavirus pandemic has also caused us to reflect and seek alternative ways to ensure our food security. As consumers, we can do our bit to ensure none of this precious resource goes to waste:


Get Creative with Leftovers

If you’ve got leftovers from last night’s dinner, etc, DO NOT DUMP IT. Instead, get creative with it. Revamp and make another dish out of it or rehash it and make it palatable for little one or something. Try your best to stretch your creativity in these aspects. Make something out of those bread crusts that little one doesn’t like to eat – ever maybe seasoned when and baked them so that they become crunchy croutons to serve with soup or snack on?


Take stock of your pantry and fridge regularly

Our pantries and fridges have these elusive little corners teeming with stuff we never even knew we had. When you do eventually get to cleaning them out, you’re probably going to find a lot of stuff you wished you used before expiration. To prevent such mishaps, make sure to clean out these spaces weekly. This way, you’ll maintain hygiene and ensure food doesn’t go to waste.


Choose ugly produce

Supermarkets are often the biggest wasters of produce that’s because consumers might not want to choose fresh produce that’s slightly misshaped or not very shiny. This means scores of produce might tossed out before their sell by dates. However, as we know beauty is merely skin deep! Beyond its appearance, the food is just as good. Hence, be intentional, pick ugly produce!


Go to a Food Bank

Cleaned out your pantry and realise you have too many cans/produce? Head to a food bank!


Build A Fermentation Station

If you constantly find yourself tossing out produce that’s about to spoil. Learn how to make the best of your produce by fermenting them! Think some spicy kimchis or pickles that might even make a healthy addition to your family’s diet thanks to their probiotic content.


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Written by KidzMatters

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