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Hypnotherapy: An Alternative Therapy to Help with Depression

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 25, 2017 1:38:04 PM / by Ann Lopez Aziz

Hypnotherapy may be an unknown territory for many. For John (not his real name), this therapy that involves a form of hypnosis technique has helped him control his emotions, namely anger and pride, and brought him out of the darkness.

People have seeked other types of therapy to help with depression, such as Hypnotherapy.
The freelance teacher faced a series of losses in his life that drove him deeper into depression. John decided to try hypnotherapy, after numerous unsuccessful counseling sessions.

“It was my first time. I felt calmer straight away and the exercises helped me overcome loss, anger, as well as made me sleep better,” he reminisced.

John continued the hypnotherapy sessions with counselor Kelly Tan as she helped him not only to regain his self-awareness but also emerge from depression. “I found the balance back in my life and have since returned to full-time employment. I stopped dwelling on my losses. I talked and whined less, and rested more,” he elaborated.

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John lauded Kelly’s psychotherapy approach, which gave him “immense peace and fulfilling sense of calm”. He continued: “It gave me the strength to cope.” And the fact that her therapy sessions are wallet-friendly was a massive plus.

Though John is an example of a successful hypnotherapy case, he would only recommend it to people who are ready to co-operate and comply with the exercises. Hypnotherapy can be an effective therapy to help with depression, John said. However, people will need to open up and be susceptible to advise. “It’s important to trust the therapist fully,” he concluded.

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Ann Lopez Aziz

Written by Ann Lopez Aziz

Ann is a CaregiverAsia Powerpuff girl by day, mother by night. And a prudent Caregiver who believes balance is key. When not training for her next IRONMAN race, she scourers the neighbourhood for tasty epok-epok. Good thing she likes to share ‘cause sharing is caring!