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Meeting The Demands Of Care At Home

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 8, 2018 6:13:03 PM / by Sheo S. Rai

I wrote a reply to an article in The Sunday Times recently. In my reply, which also appeared in the print edition of The Sunday Times, I mentioned that there are some expectations of self-paying consumers. Nursing homes are well and good but we should look into affordability and the familiarity of the home which research has shown that people tend to recover faster and age well. There is also the desire for personalised services, to lead life with respect, to live independently with dignity and on their own terms.

Meeting the demands of care at home should be a priority of today's caregivers.

We see a growing demand for home-based care in the recently years and our own in-house experience and data proves that.  With the ever-increasing prevalence of nuclear families and many people choosing to remain single, there is a dire need for services that cater to the demands of home-based care.

We have seen the demand for home nursing, care companions and medical escorts increasing steadily on our platform. This also feeds into another issue and that is one of respite care.  Most, if not all caregivers, have to juggle work, family and other commitments.  This will definitely take a toll on them.  Caregivers need a break to recharge and also to take stock of their lives. 

We are heading towards a right direction if we continue to encourage a public-private sector partnership in addressing the needs of an aging nation. In this way, the Government will not be burdened with coming up with solutions alone.  There are already existing solutions available.  A private provider has its strengths in identifying and responding to needs dynamically.  We in the private sector can and are active partners to take on the shared responsibility.     

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Sheo S. Rai

Written by Sheo S. Rai

If not hanging out with friends and colleagues, CaregiverAsia's CMO, Sheo, is a TV, movie and book junkie.