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Moving your body to ease back pains

[fa icon="calendar"] May 16, 2019 6:01:53 PM / by Ferine Tan

Living in a fast-paced society is by no means an easy feat. Most of us spend the majority of our time hunched over our laptops in the office, which has led to the development of back pains in our lives. Compared to sitting down, it would seem that active living has a better effect in alleviating back pains according to Harvard Health Publishing. Thus, here are some exercises and stretches that you can do to help relieve back pains.

Child’s Pose


  1. Kneel on a yoga mat in tabletop pose, hands shoulder width apart and knees hip-width apart, with toes touching each other.
  2. Exhale and press your hips back till your buttock sits on your heels.
  3. Hold the position for one to three minutes.


It will help reduce back pains caused by stenosis, which occurs due to the pressure placed on the nerves that pass through the spine from a spinal extension that narrows the space between joints. The child’s pose stretches the spine in the opposite direction. This increases the space between joints, reducing the pressure for the traversing nerves thereby alleviating your back pain.

Yoga is effective in relieving back pain, especially with the child's pose, cobra stretch and partial crunches.

Cobra Stretch


  1. Lie face down on a yoga mat.
  2. Place palms under shoulders, elbows at the sides of your body and legs (hip width apart).
  3. Lift your head and chest off the floor with pubic bone pressing down towards yoga mat. Ensure the neck and spine are aligned.
  4. Press your palms and toes down to further lift the chest off the floor and straighten your arms as much as your spine can naturally extend.
  5. Breathe and hold the position for 30 seconds.


This stretch helps to release tension in your back muscles that are all tight from the sitting and hunching during work hours. It is designed to simultaneously loosen muscles in your upper and lower back, which is quite effective and essential for a healthy spine free of back pains.

Partial Crunches


  1. Lie faceup with knees bent at a 90-degree angle and feet flat on a yoga mat.
  2. Place hands behind your head.
  3. Tighten your stomach muscles to lift your shoulders off the floor.
  4. Hold for a second and repeat eight to 12 times.


Opting to do partial crunches instead of sit-ups helps to relieve the excessive strain placed on your lower back when you train for core muscles during workouts. This also prevents the exacerbation of back injuries while still allowing you to get your much-needed workout. Furthermore, it strengthens back muscles such as the spinal erector muscles that are responsible for straightening and extending your spine thereby reducing the odds of back pains.



  1. Lie faceup with knees bent at a 90-degree angle and feet flat on a yoga mat.
  2. Press your heels down and lift your hips off the floor until your shoulders, hips, and knees are in line with each other.
  3. Hold for five seconds and repeat eight to 12 times.


This will help to reduce the stress placed on your back from the constant shift in pelvic position due to weak buttock muscles. By strengthening your buttock muscles, your pelvis and hips are stabilized thereby reducing the need for your lower back to work more. Thus, your back pains will gradually go away.

Bird Dog


  1. Kneel on a yoga mat in tabletop pose, hands shoulder width apart and knees hip-width apart.
  2. Lift your right hand and left leg or left hand and right leg.
  3. Straighten your hands and legs in line with your body, parallel to the yoga mat.
  4. Hold for eight seconds and repeat eight to 12 times on both sides.


It helps to improve posture control, lengthen and align your spine as well as strengthen and increase the flexibility of your back muscles. Additionally, it also releases the tension accumulated at your back from the constant inactivity of sitting at your desk during work hours. All in all, it is essential in preventing debilitating back pains.

By adding these exercises into your daily workout, your back is now relieved from the pain; stress and fatigue that accumulates while you are at work.

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Ferine Tan

Written by Ferine Tan

A fun and spirited intern at CaregiverAsia, Ferine enjoys dancing when she is not writing for the team. She also loves watching dramas while snuggling on her couch.