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My Freelance Nursing Career With CSS

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 14, 2017 11:09:22 AM / by Friends of CaregiverAsia

Hey guys, my name’s Ricky and I’m a freelance nurse who’s recently signed up with CaregiverAsia Pte Ltd. As a freelancer, I’m not confined to tight schedules and having to ask my my colleagues to swap shifts when I need to go on leave, because, as a freelance nurse, it’s simply based on my own time and availability.

I haven’t had much luck in getting jobs when I first signed up as a freelance nurse with CaregiverAsia. My online profile was a far cry among the other caregivers on the website, with my sloppy T-shirt and goofy smile that wasn’t exactly oozing professionalism.

Freelancing nursing careers on CaregiverAsia can benefit greatly with Caregiver Support Services (CSS)

The problem though, is that I tend to get a little frantic when I’m asked to describe about my caregiving services. I’m not good with words and it’s a terrible struggle to even create a paragraph describing my duties. It’s really funny how I can face complicated medical procedures (complete with long hours and a screaming patient) without any issue, but my mind goes completely blank at the simple task of advertising my own profile.

As I was wondering on how I could spruce up my own caregiving services, I eventually decided to give the people at CaregiverAsia a call for help. It was then where I discovered about the Caregiver Support Services (CSS) program and how it’s meant to help people like me who are stuck in such situations.

Curious with this newfound knowledge, I decided to find out more and dropped by their office the next day. I was greeted by a rather attractive lady who went into detail on CSS. After reminding myself that I was here for another reason, here’s what exactly I learnt about CSS:

  • The first and what attracted me the most was their professional write-up for caregivers, where they’ll weave your services, experiences and offers into a wonderfully summarized story that’ll be sure to attract potential careseekers looking at your profile. In fact, you might even feel like hiring yourself for your own caregiving needs!

    This also includes a free photo taking for your profile image as well. Please don’t be mistaken. This isn’t exactly your everyday handphone selfie. My photo was taken with a proper DSLR camera and backdrop, which was sent to be graphically touched up and edited by their design team.
  • The second thing in the CSS program was a backgrounds check that actually proves you’re not trying to hide anything incriminating from the careseeker. After all, the last thing they need at such an emotional time is unwanted complications. Having this check on your profile will be sure to put the minds of the concerned careseekers at rest.

  • Finally, I was able to view a few video training courses that they worked in partnership with reputable trainers such as NTUC Learning Hub. Not only were the courses insightful in teaching things that I hadn’t known about, they also served as a nagging reminder on the simplest of things that we tend to overlook, like washing hands after certain tasks (which I very well do), proper communications and grooming.

Get your free consultation and learn insightful ways to market your services to attract more customers here!

Learn How to List Your Services with CSS!

It might be a lot to take in, and you might be even a little doubtful that the program might be of any help. I was initially skeptical too, but when the caregivers slowly came calling and enquiring on my services over the weeks, I knew it could only be due to my new and improved profile that’s been turning heads on the website.

While I didn’t become an overnight super-star, I still owe a big thank you to CaregiverAsia (and the pretty lady) for helping out with my predicament and giving me a shot at proving myself as a home nurse. Without their assistance, I’d probably still be giving appalling online goofy smiles!

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