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CaregiverAsia Stories: My (not-so) SUPERmarket SHOPPING STORY

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 16, 2016 5:26:44 PM / by Dawn Foo

Grocery shopping is NOT my favorite thing to do.

Anyone who has shopped for groceries for the family understands how it can be a breeze for some while for others, just a pain. I alternate between the two extremes, depending on my mood and how ‘health-conscious’ I choose to be while shopping for groceries. For example, I have heard tonnes of information from well-meaning friends on the kinds of healthy cooking oil I should buy – canola or rice bran, sans trans fats, house brand or not? I really don’t know! Most times, I get more confused than ever and live in denial about making the best choices for my family’s needs.

That’s when I realized that I could really use some help because I can’t tell by trying to decode the nutritional value from labels. So imagine my relief when I met Charlotte de Drouas for coffee. Charlotte is an Accredited Nutritionist and Workplace Health Consultant who seems to have it all under control. Despite being only 23 and a busy professional – she prepares all three meals a day! This stems from her interest in food since young. Her motto – to “make healthy food tasty and tasty food healthy”. Usually, when people start telling me things like that I start wondering if they are for real because it just takes too much work! But this was different, Charlotte really can cook. Just check out the pictures below. And she’s one of the Top 20 Finalists for MediaCorp’s Eat List Star – the search for Asia’s next big culinary personality.


Charlotte shared about her mission in revolutionizing how food is prepared and consumed in Singapore. Despite eating rather unhealthily as a child, it all changed when she decided to take a year off before university – to go to France to learn more about the culture, language and food. It was there that the magic started and she discovered that it was possible to fall in love with (healthy) food and make a profession of it. So she studied nutrition at the University of Leeds and worked with the Kellogg Company as a Junior Nutritionist as part of her internship.

Before I ended my coffee session with Charlotte, I asked her if she would be game to share some of her professional expertise as an accredited Nutritionist to help me navigate the minefield of supermarket shopping. I would certainly appreciate the advice offered so that I could get started on my healthy SUPER-market shopping for the family and know more about nutrition.

If you would like a chance to meet Charlotte in person for a guided SUPER-market shopping experience, click here! Interested to get your family started on healthy eating? CaregiverAsia has many good Nutritionists and Private Chefs on demand! Book one today for some family fun this weekend!

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Dawn Foo

Written by Dawn Foo

Dawn is fiercely passionate about living and expecting miracles! She holds tight to the adage that “as one person you can’t change the world but you can change the world for one person”. A wordsmith at heart, she loves deconstructing words and chatting about anything under the sun. Her warm caregiving personality is synonymous with her name and she welcomes all comments you have on her blog.”

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