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No Maid, No Problem – 5 Reasons Why

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 23, 2017 1:04:40 PM / by Darren Tan

With changes to the Indonesian maid policy that is due to start anytime soon, some employers might reconsider having a stay-in maid. In such a situation, some families might find it difficult to cope with the absence of a live-in maid and worry about not being able to keep up with the work load. Here are five reasons why it's no problem to not have a live-in help.

Without a maid, employers will now have to pick up the housework.

1. Housework-out

Doing housework around the house for an hour or less everyday can be a tiring chore or a rejuvenating workout. It is all about perspectives and with a positive mindset, you can make the boring task into a good workout. Simple tasks like cleaning the windows, the car or dusting hard to reach surfaces and ceilings will give your biceps, triceps, and deltoids a good workout. Save the gym fees and clean the house is the way to go.

Without a maid, sharing the workload is the best way to get things done.

2. Shared Workload

Sharing the workload between members of the family not only boosts unity but it also helps the family bond. A delegation of work that is needed to be done also improves communication within the family and in turn helps open up discussions about other matters that might be harder to share. In this way, the family unit becomes stronger.

Without a maid, include your child in the household chores.

3. Spend More Time with Your Kids

Without a maid being around, childcare falls onto both parents, and that is a good thing. Spending more time with your child, helping them with their schoolwork, spending quality time with them doing what they like and most importantly being there for them when they need  you will help them feel important and loved. In this way, the parents can learn more about their child, knowing how to guide them and teach them. Hopefully, the bond between child and parent will be stronger. Not having a helper picking up after them also teaches them the value of labor.

Without a maid, you will have the peace of mind that an “outsider” is not in your home.

4. Privacy and a Peace of Mind

Simply put, you might have more time at home alone and that means more private time to yourself, which ties in with the first point of working out and doing housework. Dancing and sweeping anyone?

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Most of all, a  good peace of mind. Having a maid in your house means some degree of worrying about what goes on when you are not home. Many households purchase cameras but can they cover 100% of the house and can you be watching them 24/7? Not having a maid will ease that stress and give you a good night's sleep instead of worrying.

No maid no problem, without a maid, there is always still freelance caregivers to help you

5. Outside Help

With these points, it isn't such bad news opting for not having a maid. There might be situations where some outside help is needed. Freelance part time helpers might be just what you are looking for. There are plenty of outside services you can find for a variety of requirements. From part time home cleaners to nurse aids for the elderly to babysitters for your children and more. Reliable help is always available.

With these points, it is ok not to have a stay in maid. Maybe, it is even better not to have one.

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