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Nursing Home or Senior Daycare Center?

[fa icon="calendar"] May 31, 2019 11:16:55 AM / by Lim Jia Hui

With an aging population exacerbated by a poor work-life balance of working Singaporeans, it leaves little to wonder why some working adults are engaging elderly care services to provide quality care for their parents. A plethora of such services are available, which can be categorized into home-based services, center-based services, and residential services. Among these, senior day care and nursing home are common elderly care services that Singaporeans engage. What sets a senior day care center apart from a nursing home? What do they offer in common? Read more to make the correct decision for your parents!

Senior Daycare Center

A senior daycare center is catered to seniors who are healthy and able to take care of themselves. As implied by its name, seniors visit the center during the day time to socialize with like-minded peers and take part in activities together.

Daycare centers typically provide activities like handicraft, reading, and exercise. Some go to the extra mile to ensure seniors have a whale of a time. Allium BUD Programme is a full-day program aimed to ensure seniors remain functionally independent and have enhanced well-being. A team of nurses, therapists, and care concierges work together to create a plan comprising physical exercise, cognitive stimulation, and small group activities. The physical exercise comprises motion and resistance training, as well as balance training. Small group activities are designed based on personal hobbies to ensure personalized care.

A senior daycare center provides assistance to caregivers as well. If you are at a loss for providing care to someone with medical conditions, Allium Care Resource has care professionals providing contacts, services and resources to support you. Additionally, Allium Caregiver Coaching is a one-to-one or group program for caregivers to receive support from care professionals on managing medical conditions or functional difficulties of dependents.

Seniors can physically and mentally active by taking part in outings organized by senior daycare centers.

While many working adults inevitably feel guilty for putting their parents at daycare centers, benefits to such a decision are aplenty. You can better concentrate on your work as your parents are in good hands engaging in interesting activities with new friends. It is a win-win situation as both of you can spend time apart meaningfully, while getting to meet each other at the end of the day. By having a full day of structured activities, seniors can stay mentally and physically active in their golden years, preventing cognitive decline.

What’s more, many senior day care centers are affordable due to subsidies, so fret not on burning a hole in your wallet. Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) provides subsidies based on your family’s income.

Nursing Home

A nursing home is catered to seniors who cannot take care of themselves independently, and don’t have caregivers who can provide round-the-clock care for their chronic medical conditions. These seniors are checked into nursing homes to have healthcare professionals taking care of their daily needs and providing services like medical and nursing care, and therapy.

In a nursing home, healthcare professionals take care of the seniors' daily needs, such as preparing and serving meals.

However, don’t regard nursing homes as a refuge for seniors who are ill and/or disabled. There are nursing homes that provide wholesome activities, such as Orange Valley Nursing Home which houses a rehabilitation centre operated by physiotherapists and occupational therapists to provide customized rehabilitation programs for seniors. NTUC Health Nursing Home collaborates with volunteers to organise outings for seniors, allowing them to stay connected with the community.

Similar to senior daycare centers, subsidies are available to lower the costs of residing in a nursing home. There are two types of nursing homes that receive subsidies: voluntary welfare organisation nursing homes receiving Ministry Of Health (MOH) subsidies and private nursing homes under MOH Portable Subsidy Scheme. Seniors meeting means testing criteria will be subsidized for residing in either.

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