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Caregiver Confidentials: NutriWerkz Helps People With Dietary Concerns

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 24, 2016 5:36:55 PM / by Ann Lopez Aziz

NutriWerkz was founded by two accredited Clinical Dietitians – Michele Wong and Charmaine Toh. Together, they joined forces and set up a nutrition consultancy and cooking school in September 2015 "to provide and empower cutting-edge nutrition lifestyle skills in achieving abundant health and holistic well-being through the life-cycle". The self-professed food lovers are also striving to "provide innovative and bespoke nutrition services that is evidence-based for good health". CaregiverAsia had the pleasure to speak with Michele about how NutriWerkz helps people with dietary concerns as well as the nutrition services they offer.

NutriWerkz was founded by two accredited Clinical Dietitians – Michele Wong and Charmaine Toh.


Q: Tell us how is NutriWerkz pertinent to people with dietary concerns and issues.

A: It becomes important to people with dietary issues to bring theory into practice that is realistic, practical and applicable to today’s living environment.


Q: NutriWerkz sessions are different to services provided by other dietitians because…

A: We are looking through research evidence and complimenting nutrition trends into our talks, cooking demonstrations and hands-on cooking classes that are practical to the public, we have the capabilities to create palatable and appealing meals whilst keeping meals healthy and nutritious. For our advanced classes, we also have guest Chefs on board that complements our expertise further.

In addition we have other services such as menu planning, nutrition analysis and also one-to-one nutrition consultations that includes home-visits as well. We treat each and every participant or patient with bespoke service to suit their needs whilst looking after their health.


Q: Is it true that you have a mobile kitchen?

A: Yes, we use our mobile kitchen a lot for our corporate wellness clients that is looking for team building activities with a nutrition and health component as a new trend to team bonding and fun-learning activities. We provide kitchen equipment and ingredients to a designated venue and thus allow participants to have worry-free activities without the hassle of preparations.


Q: Tell us about the groups of people that use your service.

A: We service three main groups of people:

  •       Nutri-Growth: for Parents and children on growing up well for children.
  •       Nutri-Health: for the general public on preventive health cooking recipe classes.
  •       Chronic illness: Cooking to look after your diabetes / hypertension / cholesterol / kidney problems.
  •       Home-visits for homebound or bedbound patients on tube feeding.

Q: What can a family do if they are worried about their nutritional health?

A: Do seek advice from an accredited Dietitian and at the same time benefit from gaining knowledge and skills to achieve overall health through life-long behaviour cultivation. Do it because you want to, and not because you have to. How about exploring NutriWerks?!


NutriWerkz cooking class to help people with dietary concerns.


Q: Do you have special dietary programs for the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, and people with dementia? How about special dietary programs for mothers-to-be?

A: We are Clinical Dietitians by training and between the founders, we combine our collective strengths in hospital clinical nutrition to the community and research arena. We have the capabilities for nutrition consultations for people with chronic illnesses, eating well for the elderly, and specific modified-consistency diet for people with dentition or swallowing difficulties. We have our Nutri-Growth workshops for parents and children that involve cooking components on four sessions namely “Brain Development”, “Immunity”, “Fiber” and “Gut Health”. We are also currently working on launching our weaning diets and confinements meal classes’ for new mothers by first quarter of 2017.  


Q: What are the oft-received feedback?

A: On our own, we constantly receive a lot of feedback that our participants are very surprised when they got to know the basics of the ingredients to create healthy and tasty meals. The other feedback we received was the ability to cook up local delicacies without taking away the taste but definitely on the overall calories, fats, sugars and salt intake.

In addition, we find great comfort and work satisfaction during home-visits to be able to see our tube-fed patients having adequate nutrition, and their caregivers able to feel less stress because they are aware of the correct processes for their loved ones. 


Q: Tell us more about your services and how can people sign up?

A: We have various cooking classes, workshops that we run at our cooking school, and do home-visits. These can be booked through CaregiverAsia website. For team-building activities, birthday parties, corporate wellness, menu planning and nutrition consultations, email us at enquiry@nutriwerkz.com.sg.

CaregiverAsia thank NutriWerkz for their astounding efforts to raise awareness on nutrition and healthy lifestyle in our foodie society!

Want a nutrition consultation with NutriWerkz? Call CaregiverAsia to book or just click on the link below!

Book nutriwerkz today!

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