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Pushing For Freelancer Benefits

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 22, 2018 11:23:57 AM / by Sheo S. Rai

On Feb 21, 2018, the Tripartite Workgroup released its recommendations on self-employed persons (our freelance Caregivers in our case).  Among other things, the report recommends that insurance be made available and encourages contribute-as-you-earn model of Medisave contribution. We at CaregiverAsia welcomed this very timely and welcomed announcement.

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We believe that building financial safety nets is an important piece for freelancers to practice their trades with peace of mind, and would be an important catalyst to a more robust and healthy freelance ecosystem. As such we have been advocating and developing solutions with partners for the provision of insurance coverage for the freelance caregivers on our platform. 

With this announcement, we are certain that this will accelerate our discussions with our insurance partners so that we can soon provide our freelancers a range of products to give them the assurance and the security to work on their own terms and on their own time. A blanket coverage, will be in particular, be good news for freelancers in fields that are not represented by Associations.

We have also been advocating to our freelancers to be responsible in contributing to their CPF/Medisave and be mindful of their tax liabilities.  We will definitely be keen to work with the CPF Board, if available, to seamlessly connect with their system so that to make it easier for freelancers to contribute to their CPF/Medisave directly from our platform.   

Our CEO was quoted in The Straits TimesTODAYChannel News AsiaThe Business Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Capital FM 95.8, among others.

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Sheo S. Rai

Written by Sheo S. Rai

If not hanging out with friends and colleagues, CaregiverAsia's CMO, Sheo, is a TV, movie and book junkie.