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5 Reasons Why Caregiver Companions Are Essential | CaregiverAsia

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 30, 2017 6:14:00 PM / by Teo Youliang Hakim

Having a caregiver companion can be the difference of a family burdened by social issues, or a family that’s well balanced in life. Here at CaregiverAsia, we’ve witnessed many positive experiences with clients who’ve hired the services of care companions to watch over their elderly relatives.

Still a little unsure about hiring a care companion? Let’s take an in-depth look at the reasons why these caregivers are essential for families struggling with a sick family member.

Caregiver Asia recommends hiring a caregiver companion if you’re experiencing difficulties in taking care of an elderly relative

Keeping Up Social Health

When the elderly are left alone at home, the solitariness can spawn a large number of social issues. From depression, anxiety problems and a growing reclusiveness from society, it can be very unhealthy to leave an elderly relative on their own for extended periods of time. After all, despite their advanced age, they still need someone to interact and reach out to with their thoughts and feelings!

A care companion can not only visit their clients regularly to check on their welfare, but to socialize as well! From helping out with household chores, cooking dishes, or only stopping by for a quick chat, these little errands can go a long way in improving the social health of the elderly. 

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Time Constraints On The Family

Many families are often busy with their personal affairs, which may cause them to ignore their caregiving responsibilities towards their elderly relatives. Whether intentional or by accident, these time constraints can be detrimental to both parties in such a situation and cause a dent in family relations.

If you’re unable to commit the time to taking care of an elderly relative, then why not hire a care companion to watch over them instead? Not only will you obtain a sense of peace, knowing that the welfare of your family are in the right hands, but you won’t need to feel guilty that you’ve neglected your filial duty. After all, these caregivers are the best choice in taking care of the elderly!

Providing Professional Assistance

Although it might be tempting to leave your offspring or a domestic helper in charge of taking care of your aging relatives, are you confident that they’ll be capable enough to manage their needs? Do they know which medications to give at a particular time? What happens should a medical emergency arise?

Care companions are prepared in such situations, being well-versed in taking care of the elderly. From sponge bathing, home support and travel companionship, these caregivers can provide necessary assistance for your older relatives in their daily errands. Should the need arise, they are properly trained in basic medical procedures for common household accidents as well!

A caregiver companion from Caregiver Asia can offer a variety of support services to elderly clients

Monitoring And Keeping Track On Welfare

Sometimes you just need someone to drop by now and then to check up on an elderly about see if things are okay. However, it can be pretty exhausting to follow a fixed routine with a busy schedule. Even dropping by for a brief chat after work can be quite the challenge after slogging through the long office hours!

A care companion, however, can quickly fulfill the responsibility of monitoring and keep track of your aging relatives. These caregivers can visit and confirm that your family member is coping well with life. Furthermore, most care companions can provide around-the-clock support for their clients. At times of distress, should you be uncontactable, your elderly relative will be able to turn to them for help instead!

Instilling A Sense Of Independence

Many seniors often refuse to seek help in their daily errands, as they still wish to maintain a sense of independence during their twilight years. Their pride makes accomplishing even the simplest of tasks on their own all the more important, as they need to assure themselves that they’re still capable of being self-reliant without troubling anyone else.

When you hire a care companion, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be assisting your elderly relative all the time. The care companions are more than happy to adjust to their patients' wishes and help your family member stand on their own two feet. The caregiver will instead play a more passive role, allowing your elderly to depend more on themselves, but also ensuring that they don’t overexert and hurt themselves in the process as well!

Whether it’s keeping an eye on your elderly parents around the house, or making sure that they’re entertained both socially and emotionally, you’ll find that care companions are best suited for such situations. With the aging population on the rise, don’t be too surprised to find yourself seeking the aid of these caregivers shortly!

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Teo Youliang Hakim

Written by Teo Youliang Hakim

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