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5 Reasons Why I Chose to be a Freelance Nurse

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 14, 2017 5:35:43 PM / by Friends of CaregiverAsia

My name is Wageeza, and I had been a full time nurse for over three years and a freelance nurse for two years. I have a child who is four years old, and I am also currently studying. Here are the reasons why being a freelance nurse works better for me.

Reasons why a full time nurse turned to freelancing
1. A Fresh Change
Being in a hospital, you are tied to a hospital ward, and it is tough to switch to another department. We reach a point where things get stale, and you crave for a fresh change of pace and scenery but being in a hospital with all the rules and politics in place will make this very challenging. In this way, freelancing is a great option to reinvigorate how you feel about it. Every job you get is going to be different, which leads me to my next point.

2. Learning New Skills
Every single patient is different, and there isn’t a rigid way to provide care. Being a freelance nurse faced with various medical situations requires you think on your feet and teaches you loads of skills you might never learn in a hospital setting. What’s more is that it will be only you, the patient and even their family and the way you interact with them is a huge part of the job. Reassuring them and explaining to them what you are going to do and any medical procedure you might carry out. Not everyone is alike, and you must learn to deal with the different patients and their needs. This equips you with the skills on how to work well with any patient and their families.

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3. Flexibility
Flexibility to me was one of my biggest concern and benefit working as a freelance nurse. I must manage my time between my studies, my child, my family and even time for myself. Being a freelance nurse gives me a flexible schedule, and that is the saving grace. Nurses who plan to further their studies would not be tied down to shift schedules. Managing their time between shift work and studies is very exhausting and can cause them to lose focus on their studies. Being a freelancer brings you the flexibility of planning your work schedule to fit your studies and other engagements.

4. Time for Your Kids and Family
When I was a full time nurse, I always had trouble finding time for my kids and relatives. Working long and irregular shifts caused me to miss out on many of my son’s milestones. Having a flexible schedule gave me time to spend with my child and family, never missing out on important events.

5. Financial Control
You earn as you are working and being able to pick your job timing around your life ensures that you make money during your free days. In the long run, you will earn more for less time. Being a freelancer has made things much easier for my circumstances, and I hope this list will be insightful in helping you understand what a freelance nurse being is about.

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