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Respite Care For Busy Caregivers

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 29, 2017 12:40:36 AM / by Sheo S. Rai

We recently responded to an article in The Straits Times titled “Help at hand for younger caregivers” dated November 21, 2017. These are very important and will become even more crucial with the prevalence of nuclear families.

We should remember to bring care for our caregivers and appreciate their tireless vigil over their wards.

While these are important, one other issue that needs to be addressed is respite care.  Most, if not all caregivers, have to juggle work, family and other commitments.  This will definitely take a toll on them.  Caregivers need a break to recharge and also to take stock of their lives.  This is where respite care comes in.  This can take several forms.  For those who do not have enough leave or off days to bring their loved ones to the doctors can hire freelancer medical escorts to accompany them to their doctors’ appointments, dialysis appointments and others.  For those who are not comfortable in leaving their wards alone at home, there are care companions who can take care of them while the caregivers are at work. Sometimes caregivers need a helping hand or someone to talk to and these care companions can help.

We have had feedback that hiring medical escorts and care companions for one’s aged parents is a sign of lacking filial piety.  That is absolutely not true.  Getting help for one’s aged parents is a sign that you care for them and also for your own well-being.  I personally did not know about the existence of medical escorts and care companions until after joining the company I am working at right now.  If I had known, this would have eased the burdened off my siblings and me.  

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Sheo S. Rai

Written by Sheo S. Rai

If not hanging out with friends and colleagues, CaregiverAsia's CMO, Sheo, is a TV, movie and book junkie.