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Should I Hire a Nurse for My Parent?

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 20, 2017 4:00:02 PM / by Nadiah Rafhanah

Having a nurse around to tend to your loved one at home is exactly what you need to ensure they're taken care of. Even though you have a domestic helper at home, it is often a better option to have someone who's confident and experienced in caring for the elderly. Should I hire a nurse for my parent? – a question that we'll have to contend with at some point in our lives. If you are at this crossroad, we'd like to share our careseekers' experiences of engaging a home nurse for their elderly loved ones.

Thinking of hiring a nurse? Find out about the benefits of having one.

Julie Liew hired a nurse to take care of her 67-year-old mother after her mom fell under the care of their helper. She realized that having a helper around the house doesn't necessarily ensures her mother’s safety. “I thought my helper could take care of my mom," Julie recounted the incident with a worried expression.

A few months ago, Julie's mom tripped and fell while getting out of bed and had to be hospitalized. Their helper was busy in the kitchen when the mishap happened. "When my mom was discharged, I immediately hired a nurse to take care of her. Now I have peace of mind whenever I’m not at home,” Julie, a busy bank executive, confessed.

Having her parent cared for by a professional gave Julie the assurance that her mother is in good hands. “It’s worth paying the extra money, honestly," she explained, "At her old age, my mom is frail and fragile – she needs to be taken care of properly so that she won’t fall again."

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A nurse can also be the perfect companion. They are equipped to interact with the elderly effectively. And more often than not, you can choose to engage a nurse who speaks the same language as your loved one. Having a nurse who speaks the same language as your aging parent may reduce any communication breakdown. Hence, keeping your loved one happy and occupied at home.

“My mom seems a lot happier now actually. Our nurse has become a good friend to her. At least she has someone at home to talk to now,” Julie expressed her content.

In another household, a concerned daughter also hired a nurse for her father, who was suffering from dementia. He left the house without their helper noticing and got lost.

Read more about why you should hire a nurse for your loved one.

Susan Yew hired a nurse aide after the incident in fear of him wandering off again. Now, with her father under the nurse aide's watch, Susan is more at ease whenever she has to work late or out running errands on weekends.

“My father developed dementia a while back but it’s getting worse. I didn’t think I would ever need a caregiver for him because I have a helper. But it dawned on me that my helper has other jobs to do and can't watch him all the time," Susan commented.

Nurses and nurse aides can be that extra pair of eyes and hands you vitally need at home. If you're deciding to get extra help to care for a loved one, it’s always better to depend on a healthcare professional.

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