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The Curious Case of Growing Old-er

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 26, 2016 1:29:56 PM / by Wan Ling Yeo

And so... I discovered this week that I probably have a receeding gumline too.

This discovery is part of a long line of signs that I have noticed over the past 18 months, that is signalling to me that, well, I'm growing old. I am about to hit my big 4-0 this year, and indeed, while in spirit I don't feel middle-aged (OMG, did I even use this word on myself?), my body is certainly showing me signs of wear and tear. 

Birthdays and Growing Old

It started with me noticing that a freckle was growing bigger and realising that that ain't no spring chicken freckle, but a full-on grandma liver spot. 

Then, it was a verticle line in between my brows, that didn't go away, even after I stopped frowning at misbehaving youngsters.

The single white hairs on my head then decided to get married, and started giving birth to colonies of baby white hairs.

The tequila double shots that I used to take with glee, suddenly became time machines, transporting me to the next morning, where I would be lying in bed, wondering gee, how did I get home?

I also started to rather enjoy playing with my eyes, by alternating between looking at far away things and near things, to see how instead of a gradual focus, my vision would take a split second longer to snap into focus.

elderly care in singapore

All these I took in with mild detached curiousity, and had half hearted attempts at making these inconveniences go away. I bought some home hair dye and forced my mum and sister to help me dye away the white hair colonies (btw, the comb through formulations offer the best coverage!) . I bought a couple of whitening lotions and potions in an (in) vain attempt to magically will the liver spots away. Concerned friends bought me supplements to cleanse my liver, but I continued to used the excuse of "growing old" to feign moments of memory laspes and poor judgement calls. 

And yet, it was the discovery of periodontist, of receeding gumlines, of being long in the tooth (!) that jolted me out of my complacent denial of growing old. I started to google search on receeding gumlines, and yes, right up there for causes, it was indeed, growing old-er (as Mayo Clinic so nicely puts it). I sprinted out of my apartment and in spite of achy joints in need of glucosamine, I made it to the pharmacist in 10 mins (actually just an elevator ride downstairs).

Birthday Celebrations and Cakes
I bought all the gum health toothpastes and gum rinses, and gum flosses and gum health chewing gums I could lay my (young and wrinkle free) hands on. It has been years since I have flossed, it was a terrible chore in my youth to floss, as I have/had youthful gums and tightly packed teeth. It was with a mix of resignation and curiosity, that I realised that flossing wasn't so terrible anymore. The satiny smooth floss found itself gliding easily between my teeth and gum, and I finally reached a happy balance of minty freshness and feeling fresh air coming out from in between my teeth. I had a new obsession. Flossing and rinsing my mouth with my new favorite mouthwash. I think I shall share this new find with my grandma. 
I think growing old-er isn't so bad. I pretty much enjoy discovering more of myself and the interesting mindfullness around my body and bodyparts that come with that discovery process.  In a strange way, this discovery process is helping me understand and deal with my own feelings and fears of mortality and the inevitable goodbyes that we all have to face eventually. I think I shall be more mindful now when I blow out the candles on the birthday cakes to come, and to learn how to treat myself more gently. And yes, I am excited to explore more the world of anti-aging shopping, and boy, is that a brave new world out there!

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Wan Ling Yeo

Written by Wan Ling Yeo

Wan Ling is a cheerful Caregiver to her family and friends, best known for her affable nature and relentless passion for life. She heads the team at Caregiver Asia as the Chief Caregiver cum Executive Officer and takes great effort to cheer and steer the corporate family that she co-founded. A bona fide cheerleader, she brings zesty moments to the team at all times!

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