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The Launch Of CaregiverLocum

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 17, 2018 6:09:05 PM / by Sheo S. Rai

We are happy to announce the launch of CaregiverLocum, one of Singapore's leading healthcare provider for locum doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to clinics, hospitals and other institutions. CaregiverLocum offers a wide range of healthcare professionals in various specialties.

CaregiverLocum offers a wide range of healthcare professionals in various specialties.

There are various types of assignments available such as ad-hoc, contract and long term in several settings such as clinic, hospitals and others. Registration at the CaregiverLocum website is easy and free.  Locums will be able to receive the latest job listings either via email notifications or SMS. 

With close to 500 locum doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, we seek to help clinics and institution facing a manpower crunch in an efficient and optimised manner.  With an ever-increasing mandate from clinics and institutions, we also want to make available to locums the various assignments we have.  In addition, we want to give the locums a peace of mind in terms of us handling the payments and other administrative matters on their behalf. 

On another note, have you ever heard of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)? I have just started the process of getting my LPA done.  Like many people, I was procrastinating but I don’t think I can put it off any longer.  We have successfully conducted one talk and we have another one coming up on July 26.

Protect your loved ones by getting an LPA done.  Read this article to find out what the LPA is all about and why it is extremely important to get one done.  This is so important that the Singapore Government has waived the application fee.  The move was made to encourage more Singaporeans to plan ahead with an LPA to safeguard their interests and attain peace of mind for the future.” Let our legal counsel help you in getting the process started.  So sign up here!

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Sheo S. Rai

Written by Sheo S. Rai

If not hanging out with friends and colleagues, CaregiverAsia's CMO, Sheo, is a TV, movie and book junkie.

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