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Caregiver Confidentials: Winnie the Weekend Home Nurse

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 23, 2016 9:52:02 PM / by Dominic Zou

Winnie has been in the nursing and healthcare industry for a decade now. She is a young, dynamic professional nurse with a variety of private and public sector experiences under her belt. Winnie graduated from Gleneagles Intan, located in Kuala Lumpur, on a scholarship by Parkway Hospital. She was bonded for 5 years, and proceeded to serve out her bond at at a private hospital's VIP ward. She subsequently served as a nurse with a few private clinics, some dealing in pain management, some dealing in nephrology, and so on.

In 2012, she joined Tan Tock Seng Hospital in its outpatient management clinic. These days, Winnie carries out full time nursing in the TTSH pain management clinic and sports medicine and surgery clinic. That sounds like a really long name, but basically, they are part of the Orthopaedics department.

Life in a private hospital's VIP ward can be truly demanding, and fresh nurses are basically thrown into the deep end. There is both mental stress as well as physical stress, and nurses had to put in plenty of overtime work due to a chronic lack of manpower. Nearly half the patients in Winnie's ward – with 11 "executive" suites and two "royal suites – were very sick with cancer, and each stay could drag up to 6 months. Some of these patients transfer to the Intensive Care Unit and never return from there.

Home nursing Singapore

Winnie recalls one very sad story of a newlywed lady from China with a baby boy of only eight months. This patient discovered her breast cancer while breastfeeding. As there was no family history of this cancer, it made it really difficult for the relatives to accept the diagnosis. But the patient's condition was already severely advanced upon admission, and the husband had to bring the body back to China after a couple of months. The patient was only in her early thirties. On the bright side, the patients always treated the nurses well – even if none of the cases ended up happy.

These days, Winnie is grateful that her current work environment is a nurturing one. With her employer's permission, Winnie provides freelance private nursing as a home nurse during her free time in the weekends. If you would like to book skilled private nursing services, click on the link below!

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