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When Should You Hire A Caregiver As A Medical Escort? | CaregiverAsia

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 20, 2017 4:13:32 PM / by Teo Youliang Hakim

If you’re unsure on when to hire a caregiver for medical escort services, here are a few great reasons from Caregiver Asia to take note if you want to come to a decision!

Many people don’t exactly know the right time when to hire a medical escort. After all, why would you hire temporary help to provide assistance for your sick relative when you can do it yourself, free of charge?

But when caring for your ill family member becomes a little challenging, it might be wise to spare yourself from the added stress and hire some extra help. Here are a few early signs that you may need the assistance of a medical escort before you burn out.

Many families with sick elderly relatives are often unsure on when to hire a caregiver for medical escort services at CaregiverAsia

No Available Caregivers
When you find yourself squabbling with your family members on over whose turn it is to send your ailing grandfather to the hospital, it might be time to seek external assistance to resolve the dispute!

There’s no need to be ashamed if you can’t be there for your loved ones. There will be times when you’ll be so busy with work and family arrangements that you’re unable to cater to the needs of your sick relative all the time. Instead of straining yourself and putting your work-life balance at risk, hiring a medical escort to ferry and accompany your ill family member to the hospital would be a much better choice.

Constant Medical Appointments
When someone is seriously ill, there’s a high chance that they’ll regularly be traveling back and forth from the hospital and their home to attend a series of medical appointments. In such a weak condition, the patient usually has to trouble a family member or someone close to accompany them to these fixed meetings with their doctor.

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Should you find yourself in such a situation, a medical escort is a great option to consider if you feel that you’re unable to devote the time to consistently follow your ailing relative to the hospital. True to their job title, one of a medical escort’s main responsibilities involves providing specialized transportation services to help clients attend their treatments and appointments on time.

Proper Patient Assistance
Medical escorts are not simply a taxi service. In fact, these caregivers go beyond their normal responsibilities to create a comfortable experience for their clients during their medical appointments.

From wheelchair transfers, listening to the doctor’s consultation, and even helping them to use the toilet, medical escorts are trained in assisting and taking care of their patients at the hospital. Some escorts are even trained in basic first aid and caregiving skills to ensure that they’re well prepared should any sort of medical situation arise.

Lack Of Hospital Beds
While it might seem convenient to leave your sick relative under hospitalization care when travelling back and forth to the hospital becomes too much of a burden, the rising need of hospital beds from an ever-increasing ageing population might deny you of such choices. Especially when the condition of your ailing family member isn’t serious enough to warrant a hospital stay.

Instead of leaving your loved one stranded at the hospital lobby, why not hire a medical escort to serve as a transportation service from their medical appointments to the comfort of their own home? There’s no need to tax your family with expensive overnight hospital bills when you can ensure their safety with the right temporary help!

There are plenty of reasons that families should consider to hire a caregiver to provide medical escort services at CaregiverAsia

Complications Over Medication
Medicine prescriptions can be a confusing and complicated experience among the elderly, especially those suffering from long-term conditions. These patients are likely to forget about their medication at required intervals, or worse, take more than the prescribed dosage!

If you’re worried that a sick family member has been skipping, or having trouble in remembering their medication, then it’s probably best to employ a medical escort to accompany them to their medical appointments. The medical escort will not only keep track of crucial information from the doctor and relay it to the patient’s family members, but they’ll also make sure to remember the prescribed medication and their recommended dosages.

Do any of these situations fit the bill on your current situation with an ill relative? If so, it would be best, even if it’s for a few days, to bring in a medical escort to lessen the strain and let the both of you focus more on the important moments together!

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