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CaregiverAsia Stories: Yoga Helps Mom with Depression and Anger

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 7, 2017 4:00:04 PM / by Ann Lopez Aziz

Cathy Loh went through a solemn and “depressed stage” in her life after she lose her son. But she found solace in yoga and meditation. “During every meditation session, I teared up as I visualized his presence but I felt relief after that. Slowly the pain waned off,” Cathy said.

Yoga helps with depression and anger

Cathy, a director of a tour company, has been attending June Koh’s yoga classes for six to seven years and swears by the physical and mental health benefits of yoga. “Apart from improving one’s health, relief of aches and pains, and flexibility, practising yoga greatly helped my mental state of mind,” she explained how yoga helps with depression and anger.

“I am not as quick tempered as before.”

In her years of practising yoga, Cathy has tried other yoga classes other than June’s. And Cathy shared the reasons why she would recommend anyone to June’s yoga class “without hesitation”.

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“June’s class is smaller so she’s able to interact and pay attention to the individual student,” Cathy compared June’s workshops to the classes organized by Bishan Community Club. Cathy also pointed out: “Her fee is reasonable and she has given her students the flexibility to attend her classes three times a week.”

Though Cathy is a yoga evangelist today, she hadn’t always been open to the idea of practising yoga. Cathy had a misconception that yoga and meditation would conflict with her religion. Eventually, curiosity got the better of her and she gave it a go. “I realized that the meditation session was more of a form of breathing and has no implication on any religion,” she expressed with relief.

Cathy explains how yoga helps her with depression and anger

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Ann Lopez Aziz

Written by Ann Lopez Aziz

Ann is a CaregiverAsia Powerpuff girl by day, mother by night. And a prudent Caregiver who believes balance is key. When not training for her next IRONMAN race, she scourers the neighbourhood for tasty epok-epok. Good thing she likes to share ‘cause sharing is caring!